1 Pedro 3

1 In like manner the wives, submitting yourselves to the own husbands, so that even if some are disobedient to the word, through the of the wives conduct without a word they may be gained,

2 having seen the in fear pure conduct of you.

3 Of whom let be not the outside, of braiding of hairs and placing around of golden chains or wearing of clothes, adorning;

4 but the hidden of the heart man, with the incorruptible of the meek and quiet spirit, which is in presence of the God very precious.

5 Thus for formerly also the holy women, those hoping in the God, adorned themselves, submitting to the own husbands;

6 as Sarah hearkened to the Abraham, lord, him calling, of her you became children, doing good and not fearing not one terror.

7 The husbands like manner, dwelling with according to knowledge as a weaker vessel with the female, bestowing honor as also being joint–heirs of gracious gift of life, in order that not to be hindered the prayers of you.

8 The but end, all of like mind, sympathizing ones, lovers of brethren, compassionate ones, humble–minded ones,

9 not returning evil on account of evil, or reviling on account of of reviling; on the contrary but invoking blessings; knowing, that for this you were called, so that a blessing you may inherit.

10 The for one wishing life to love, and to see days good let him restrain the tongue of himself from evil, and lips of himself of the not to speak deceit;

11 let him turn away from evil, and let him do good; let him seek peace, and let him pursue her.

12 Because the eyes of Lord on just ones, and ears of him towards prayer of them; a face but of Lord against those doing evil.

13 And who the one will be injuring you if of the good imitators you become?

14 But if even you suffer because of righteousness, happy ones. The but fear of them not do you fear, neither should you troubled;

15 Lord but the God do you sanctify in the hearts of you; prepared and always with a defence to all to the one asking you an account concerning the in you hope, with meekness and fear;

16 a conscience having good, so that in what they may speak against you as of evil–doers, they may be ashamed those slandering of you the good in Anointed conduct.

17 Better for doing good, if may will the will of the God, to suffer, or doing evil;

18 because even Anointed once concerning sins suffered, a just one on behalf of unjust ones, so that us he might lead to the God, being put to death indeed in flesh, being made alive but in spirit;

19 by which also to those in prison having gone he published,

20 having disobeyed once, when was waiting the of the God patience, in days of Noah, being prepared an ark, in which a few (this is eight) lives were carried safely through water;

21 which also us a representation now saves a dipping, (not of flesh a putting away of fifth, but a conscience good seeking after towards God,) through resurrection of Jesus Anointed;

22 who is at right of the God, having gone into heaven, having been subjected to him messengers and authorities and powers.