1 Pedro 5

1 Elders the among you I exhort, the fellow–elder and witness of those of the Anointed sufferings, the and of the being about to be revealed glory partaker;

2 do you feed the among you flock of the God, overseeing not by constraint, but voluntarily; nor for base gain, but promptly;

3 nor as being lords of the heritages, but patterns being of the flock;

4 and having been manifested of the chief shepherd, you will obtain the unfading of the glory crown.

5 In like manner younger ones be you subject to seniors; all but to each other being subject, the humility be you clothed with; because the God to haughty ones is in opposition, to lowly ones but he gives favor.

6 Be you humbled therefore under the mighty hand of the God, so that you he may exalt in a season;

7 all the anxious care of you having cast on him, because with him is care concerning you.

8 Be you sober, be you watchful; the opponent of you an accuser, like a lion roaring, walks about seeking whom he may gulp down,

9 to whom be you opposed steadfast ones in the faith, knowing, the same kinds of the sufferings by the in world brotherhood to be fully endured.

10 The and God of all favor that one having called us into the age–lasting of himself glory by Anointed Jesus, a little having suffered, himself to complete you, he will confirm, he will strengthen, he will establish.

11 To him the glory, and the power for the ages of the ages; so be it.

12 By means of Silvanus to you of the faithful a brother, as I think, in a few I have written, exhorting and strongly testifying this to be true favor of the God, in which you have stood.

13 Salute you she in Babylon chosen jointly, and Mark the son of me.

14 Salute you each other with a kiss of love. Peace to you to all those in Anointed Jesus.