1 Tessalonicenses 2

1 Yourselves for you know, brethren, the introduction of us that to you, because not in vain it has been;

2 but having previously suffered and having been injuriously treated, as you know, in Philippi, we were emboldened by the God of us to speak to you the glad tidings of the God with much striving.

3 The for exhortation of us not from error, nor from impurity, nor in deceit;

4 but as we have been approved by the God to be entrusted with the glad tidings, so we speak, not as men pleasing, but the God that one trying the hearts of us.

5 Neither for any time with a word of flattery did we come, as you know; nor with a pretence of covetousness, God a witness;

6 nor seeking from men glory, neither from you nor from others; (being able with a weight to be, as of Anointed apostles;)

7 but we were gentle in midst of you. As would cherish a nursing–mother the of herself children,

8 so, being very desirous of you, we were well–pleased to have imparted to you not only the glad tidings of the God, but also the of yourselves lives, because beloved ones to us you have become.

9 You remember for, brethren, the labor of us and the toil; night and day working for the not to burden any one of you, we published to you the glad tidings of the God.

10 You witnesses and the God, how piously and justly and blamelessly with you the believers we were;

11 as also you know, how one each of you, as a father children of himself, exhorting you and consoling,

12 and testifying in order that to walk you worthily of the God, of the one calling you for the of himself kingdom and glory.

13 On account of this also we give thanks to the God unceasingly, because receiving a word of hearing from us of the God, you received, not a word of men, but, as it is truly, a word of God, which also inworks in you the believing ones.

14 You for imitators became, brethren, of the congregations of the God of those being in the Judea in Anointed Jesus, because the things same you suffered also you by the own countrymen, as also they by the Jews;

15 of those also the Lord having killed Jesus and the prophets, and us persecuted, and God not pleasing, and to all men contrary;

16 forbidding us to the Gentiles to speak that they might be saved, in order that to have filled up of themselves the sins always. Has come but on them the wrath for an end.

17 We but, brethren, having been bereaved from you for a season an hour, in face, not a heart, more earnestly we endeavored the face of you to see with much desire.

18 Therefore we wished to come to you. (I indeed Paul,) even once and twice; and the thwarted us the Adversary.

19 What for of us hope or joy or crown of boasting, or not also you, in presence of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed in the of him presence?

20 you for are the glory of us and the joy.