2 Pedro 2

1 Were but even false prophets among the people, as also among you will be false teachers, who will privately introduce heresies of destruction, even the having bought them sovereign Lord denying, bring on themselves swift destruction;

2 (and many will follow of them the impure practice, on account of whom the way of the truth will be evil spoken of;)

3 and by covetousness deceitful words you they will make gain of; to whom the judgment of old not lingers, and the destruction of them not slumbers.

4 If for the God messengers having sinned not spared, but with chains of think darkness having confined Tartarus he delivered up for a judgment being kept;

5 and of old a world not he spared, but eighth Noah of righteousness a herald he kept safe a deluge to a world of impious one having brought;

6 and cities of Sodom and Gomorrah having reduced to ashes to an overthrow he condemned, an example future to be impious having been placed;

7 and just Lot being wearied by the of the lawless ones in lewdness of behavior he rescued;

8 (in seeing for and in hearing the just one, dwelling among them, day by days soul righteousness with lawless deeds was tormented;)

9 knows Lord pious ones out of temptation to rescue, unjust ones but for a day of judgment being cut off to be kept;

10 especially but those after flesh in lust of pollution going, and lordship despising. Daring, self–willed, of dignities not they are afraid speaking evil;

11 where messengers in strength and power greater being, not bring against them from Lord a railing judgment;

12 these but, like irrational animals, natural, having been made for capture and slaughter, in which things they do not understand reviling, in the corruption of them they will be destroyed,

13 receiving a reward of unrighteousness; a pleasure esteeming the in day luxury, spots and stains, revelling in the deceptions of themselves, feasting together with you,

14 eyes having full of an adulteress and unrestrained from sin, alluring souls unstable, a heart having been trained for covetousness having, of a curse children,

15 having left a straight way, they wandered, having followed in the way of the Balaam of the Bosor, who a reward of unrighteousness loved,

16 a reproof but he had of his own transgression; a beast of burden dumb, with of man a voice having spoken, restrained the of the prophet madness.

17 These are fountains without water, and fogs by a whirlwind being driven; for which the gloom of the darkness for an age has been kept.

18 Swellings for of folly speaking they allure by lusts of flesh, by impurities, those scarcely having fled away from those in error living;

19 freedom to them promising themselves slaves being of the corruption; by what for any one has been over come, by this also he has been enslaved.

20 If for having fled away from the pollution of the world by a knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Anointed, with these and again having been entangled they are overcome, has become to them the things last worse of the first.

21 Better for it was for them, not to have known the way of the righteousness, than having known to have turned back from the having been delivered to them holy commandment.

22 It has happened but to them the of the true proverb: A dog having turned back to the own vomit; and: A hog having been washed, to a rolling–place of mire.