2 Pedro 3

1 This now, beloved ones, second to you I write a letter, in which I stir up of you by a remembrance the sincere mind;

2 to be mindful of the having been spoken before words by the holy prophets, and of the of the apostles of us commandment of the Lord and savior;

3 this first knowing, that will come in last of the days with scoffing scoffers, according to the own lusts of themselves walking,

4 and saying: Where is the promise of the presence of him? from of which for the fathers feel asleep, all things thus remains from a beginning of creation.

5 It escapes notice for them this being willing, that heavens were of old, and earth out of water and through water having been placed together, by the of the God word,

6 by means of which things the then world by water having been deluged was destroyed;

7 the but now heavens and the earth by the him word having been treasured up are, for fire being kept to a day of judgment and destruction of the impious men.

8 One but this not let escape you, beloved ones, that one day with Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day one.

9 Not is slow the Lord of the promise, as some slowness account; but is long–suffering towards us not desiring some to perish, but all for a reformation to come.

10 Will come but the day of Lord as a thief, in which the heavens with a rushing sound will pass away, elements and burning intensely will be dissolved, and earth and all in her works will be burned up.

11 Of these things therefore all being dissolved, what ones it behooves to be you in holy conduct and piety;

12 looking for and hastening the presence of the of the God day, on account of which heavens being on fire will be dissolved, and elements burning intensely melts.

13 New but heavens and earth new according to the promise of him we look for, in which righteousness dwells.

14 Therefore, beloved ones, these things looking for, do you diligently endeavor spotless and blameless by him to be found in peace,

15 and the of the Lord of us long–suffering, salvation do you reckon; as also the beloved of us brother Paul according to the to him having been given wisdom wrote to you,

16 as also in all the letters, speaking in them concerning these; in which is hardly understood some things, which those unlearned and unstable distort, as also the remaining writings, to the own of themselves destruction.

17 You therefore, beloved ones, knowing before, be you on guard, so that not by the of the lawless ones deceit having been led away, you may fall from the own stability;

18 grow you but in favor and knowledge of the Lord of us and Savior Jesus Anointed. To him the glory both now and to a day of an age; so be it.