Romanos 12

1 I entreat therefore you, brethren, through the tender compassion of the God, to present the bodies of you a sacrifice living, holy, well–pleasing to the God, the rational religious service of you;

2 and not conform yourselves to take age this, but transform yourselves by the renovation of the mind of you, in order that to prove you, what the will of the God, the good and well–pleasing and perfect.

3 I say for through the favor of that having been given to me, to all to him being among you, not to think above beyond what it behooves to think, but to think in order that to be of sound mind, to each one as the God divided a measure of faith.

4 Just as for in one body members many we have, the but members all not the same has operation;

5 thus the many one body we are in Anointed, the but each one, of each other members.

6 Having but gracious gifts according to the favor the having been given to us of different kinds; if prophets, according to the analogy of the faith.

7 If service, in the service; if the teaching, in the act of teaching;

8 if the exhorting, in the exhortation; the one giving, with simplicity; the one presiding, with diligence; the one pitying, with cheerfulness.

9 The love, unfeigned detesting the evil, adhering to the good;

10 in the brotherly kindness, towards each other tender affection; in the honor each other going before;

11 in the study not idle ones; in the spirit being fervent; to the Lord serving;

12 in the hope rejoicing; in the affliction being patient; in the prayer constantly attending;

13 to the wants of the holy ones contributing; the kindness to strangers following.

14 Bless you those persecuting you; bless you, and not curse you.

15 To rejoice with rejoicing ones, and to weep with weeping ones.

16 The same for each other minding; not the things high minding, but to the low ones conform yourselves. Not become wise with yourselves.

17 To no one evil in return for evil giving back; providing honorable things in presence of all men;

18 if able that from of you, with all men being at peace;

19 not yourself avenging, beloved ones; but give you a place to the wrath; it has been written for: To me vengeance; I will repay, says Lord.

20 If therefore may hunger the enemy of thee, do thou feed him; if he may thirst give drink to him. This for doing, coals of fire thou wilt pile on the head of him.

21 Not be overcome by the evil, but overcome by the good the evil.