2 Coríntios 4

1 On account of this having the service this, even as we received mercy, not we faint;

2 but we refused the secrets of the shame, not walking in craftiness, nor falsifying the word of the God, but by the manifestation of the truth recommending ourselves to every conscience of men, in presence of the God;

3 but even it is having been veiled the glad tidings of us, among those being destroyed it is having been veiled;

4 in whom the God of the age this blinded the minds of the unbelieving ones, in order that not to see distinctly the illumination of the glad tidings of the glory of the Anointed one, who is an image of the God.

5 Not for ourselves we proclaim, but Anointed Jesus a Lord; ourselves and, slaves of you through Jesus.

6 Because the God that commanding out of darkness light to shine, who shone in the hearts of us, for illumination of the knowledge of the glory of the God in face of Jesus Anointed.

7 We have but, the treasure this in earthen vessels, so that the superabounding of the power may be of the God, and not out of us;

8 in everything being afflicted, but not being straitened; being perplexed, but not being in despair;

9 being persecuted, but not being forsaken; being cast down, but not being destroyed;

10 always the putting to death of the Jesus in the body bearing about, that also the life of the Jesus in the body of us may be manifested.

11 Always for we the living, to death are delivered because of Jesus, that also the life of the Jesus may be manifested in the moral flesh of us.

12 So that the death in us works, the but life in you.

13 Having but the same spirit of the faith, according to that having been written: I believed, therefore I spoke; also we believe, therefore and we speak;

14 knowing, that the one raising up the Lord Jesus, also us through Jesus will raise up, and will present with you.

15 The for all things on account of you, that the favor having abounded through the many, the thanksgiving might superabound to the glory of the God.

16 Wherefore not we faint; but if even the outward of us man is wasted, yet the inward is renewed by day and by day.

17 The for momentary lightness of the affliction of us, according to an exceeding on an exceeding age–lasting weight of glory works out for us;

18 not looking of us the things being seen, but the things not being seen; the things for being seen, transient things; the things but being seen, age–lasting things.