Atos 5

1 A man but certain Ananias by name, with Sapphira the wife of himself, sold a possession;

2 and kept back from the price, being privy also the wife of him; and having brought a part certain, at the feet of the apostles placed.

3 Said and Peter: Ananias, why has filled the adversary the heart of thee, to deceive thee the spirit the holy, and to keep back from the price of the land?

4 Not remaining, to thee it remained, and having been sold, in the thine authority it was? why that hast thou placed in the heart of thee the thing this? not thou hast lied to men, but to the God.

5 Having heard and the Ananias the words these, falling down breathed out. And came a fear great on all those having heard these.

6 Having arisen and the younger ones wrapped up him, and having carried out they buried.

7 It happened and about hours three apart, and the wife of him not having known that having been done came in.

8 Answered and to her the Peter: Tell me, if for so much the land you sold? She and said: Yes for so much.

9 The and Peter said to her: Why that it has been agreed upon by you to tempt the spirit of Lord? Lo the feet of those having buried the husband of thee, at the door, and they will carry out thee.

10 She fell and immediately at the feet of him, and breathed out; having come in and the younger ones found her dead, and having carried out they buried with the husband of her.

11 And came a fear great on whole the assembly, and on all those having heard these things.

12 Through and the hands of the apostles were done signs and prodigies among the people many; and they were with one mind all in the portico of Solomon;

13 of the and others no one presumed to join himself to them. But magnified them the people;

14 (more and were added believing to the Lord multitudes of men both and women;)

15 so that in the open squares to bring out the sick ones, and to place on beds and couches, that coming of Peter if even the shadow might overshadow some of them.

16 Came together and also the multitude from the surrounding cities into Jerusalem, bringing sick ones and those being troubled by spirits impure; whom were healed all.

17 Having arisen and the high priest and all those with him, the being sect of the Sadducees, were filled of anger.

18 And laid the hands of them on the apostles, and placed them in prison public.

19 A messenger but of a Lord by the night opened the doors of the prison, having brought out and them said:

20 Go, and standing speak you in the temple to the people all the words of the life this.

21 Having heard and they entered at the dawn into the temple, and taught. Having come and the high–priest and those with him, they called together the high council even all the senate of the sons of Israel, and sent into the prison, to have brought them.

22 The but officers having gone not found them in the prison; having returned and reported,

23 saying: That the indeed prison we found having been closed with all safety, and the guards standing before the doors; having opened but, within no one we found.

24 When and they heard the words these the, both priest and the commander of the temple and the high–priests, they doubted concerning them, what might be this.

25 Having come but one told them: That lo, the men whom you put in the prison, are in the temple standing and teaching the people.

26 Then having gone the commander with the officers, they brought them, not with violence; they feared for the people, that not they might be stoned.

27 Having brought and them they stood in the sanhedrim. And asked them the high–priest,

28 saying: Not with a charge we charged you, not to teach in the name this? and lo, you have filled the Jerusalem of the teaching of you, and you wish to bring on us the blood of the man this.

29 Answering and the Peter and the apostles, said: To obey it is necessary God rather than men.

30 The God of the fathers of us raised up Jesus, whom you laid violent hands upon, having hanged on a cross;

31 him the God a prince and a savior has lifted up to the right hand of himself, to give reformation to the Israel, and forgiveness of sins.

32 And we are of him witnesses of the matters these, and the spirit also the holy, which gave the God to those submitting to him.

33 They and having heard were enraged, and took counsel to kill them.

34 Having arisen and one in the high council a Pharisee, by name Gamaliel a teacher of law, honored by all the people, ordered without a little while the apostles to be put.

35 He said and to them: Men Israelites, take heed to yourselves, to the men these, what you are about to do.

36 Before for these the days stood up Theudas, saying to be some one himself, to whom adhered a number of men about four hundred; who was put to death, and all as many as listened to him, were dispersed, and came to nothing.

37 After this stood up Judas the Galilean, in the days of the registering, and drew away people much behind himself; and he was destroyed, and all as many as listened to him, were dispersed.

38 And now I say to you, withdraw from the men these, and let alone them, because if may be from men the counsel this or the work this, it will be overthrown;

39 if but from God it is, not you are able to overthrow them, not and fighters against God you should be found.

40 They were persuaded and by him; and having called the apostles, having beaten they commanded not to speak in the name of the Jesus, and released them.

41 They indeed therefore went rejoicing from presence of the high–council, because in behalf of the name they were accounted worthy to be dishonored.

42 Every and day in the temple and at home not they ceased teaching and announcing glad tidings of Jesus the Anointed.