Atos 24

1 After and five days went down the high–priest Ananias with the elders and an orator Tertullus certain, who appeared before the governor against the Paul.

2 Having been called and of him, began to accuse the Tertullus, saying:

3 Great peace enjoying through thee, and worthy deed being done to the nation this through of the of thy foresight, in every thing and everywhere we accept, O most excellent Felix, with all thankfulness.

4 That and not to longer thee I may detain, I beseech to hear thee of us briefly in the thy elemency.

5 We have found for the man this a pestilence, and exciting a sedition in all the Jews those in the habitable, a leader and of the of the Nazarene sect,

6 who also the temple attempted to profane; whom also we apprehended, and according to the our law we wished to judge.

7 Having come but Lysias the commander, with a great force out of the hands of us led away,

8 having commanded the accusers of him to come to thee. from whom thou wilt be able thyself, having examined closely, concerning all of these things to have knowledge, of which we accuse him.

9 United in impeaching and also the Jews, asserting these things thus to be.

10 Answered and the Paul, nodding to him the governor to speak: From many years being thee a judge to the nation this knowing, more cheerfully the things concerning myself I defend;

11 being able of thee to know, that not more are to me days twelve, from which I went up to worship in Jerusalem.

12 And neither in the temple they found me with any one disputing, or a tumult making of a crowd, nor in the synagogues, nor in the city;

13 nor to prove are they able, concerning which now they accuse me.

14 I confess but this to thee, that according to the way, which they called a sect, so I serve the patriarchal God, believing all things those according to the law and those in the prophets having been written:

15 A hope having in the God, which even they themselves are looking for, a resurrection about to be of dead ones, of just ones and also unjust ones.

16 In this and myself I exercise, a clear conscience to have towards the God and the men always.

17 In the course of years and many I came alms bringing to the nation of me, and offerings.

18 In which they found me having been purified in the temple, not with a crowd, nor with a tumult. Some and from the Asia Jews,

19 who ought before thee to be present, and to accuse if anything they may have against me.

20 Or these themselves let them say, what they found in me crime, having stood of me before the sanhedrim;

21 or concerning one this voice, which cried out standing among them: That concerning a resurrection of dead ones I am judged to–day by you.

22 Put off but them the Felix, more accurately knowing the things concerning the way, saying: When Lysias the commander may come down, I will inquire into the things about you.

23 Having given orders and to the centurion to keep him, to have and liberty, and no one to forbid of the own friends of him to assist, for to come to him.

24 After and days some having come the Felix with Drusilia the wife, being a Jewess, he sent for the Paul, and heard him concerning the into Anointed faith.

25 Discoursing and of him concerning justice and self–control and of the judgment that being about to come, terrified being the Felix answered: The present being go thou; a season and having found I will call thee.

26 At the same time also hoping, that money will be given to him by the Paul, so that he might loose him; therefore and oftener him sending for talked with him.

27 Two years but being ended received a successor the Felix Porcius Festus; wishing and favors to lay in store for himself with the Jews the Felix, left the Paul having been bond.