Atos 17

1 Having passed through and the Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came into Thessalonica, where was the synagogue of the Jews.

2 According to and the custom the Paul went in to them, and for sabbaths three reasoned with them from the writings.

3 Opening and setting forth, that the Anointed it was necessary to have suffered and to have been raised out of dead ones, and that this is the Anointed Jesus, whom I announce to you.

4 And some of them were convinced, and joined themselves to the Paul and to the Silas, of the and pious Greeks a great number, women and of the chief not a few.

5 Having taken to themselves and the Jews of the market–loungers some men of evil, and having gathered a crowd, they disturbed the city; having assaulted and the house of Jason, they sought them to led out into the people;

6 not having found and them, they dragged the Jason and some brethren to the city–rulers, crying: That they the habitable having disturbed, these also here are present;

7 whom has received Jason; and these all against the decrees of Caesar do, a king saying another to be, Jesus.

8 Troubled and the crowd and the city–rulers having heard these things.

9 And having taken the security from the Jason and the rest, they let go them.

10 The and brethren immediately by the night sent away the both Paul and the Silas into Berea; who having arrived, into the synagogue of the Jews went.

11 These and were more candid of those in Thessalonica, who received the word with all promptness, that every day closely scrutinizing the writings, if was these things thus.

12 Many indeed therefore out of them believed, and of the Greek women of the honorable and men not a few.

13 When but knew these from Thessalonica Jews, that also in the Berea was preached by the Paul the word of the God, they came also there stirring up the crowds.

14 Immediately and then the Paul sent out the brethren to go as to the sea; remained and the, both Silas and the Timothy there.

15 They but conducting the Paul led him to Athens; and having received a charge to the Silas and Timothy, that as soon as possible they should come to him, they departed.

16 In and the Athens waiting them of the Paul, was stirred up the spirit of him in him, beholding full of idols being the city.

17 He reasoned indeed then in the synagogue with the Jews and with those being pious, and in the market during every day with those happening to meet.

18 Some but of the Epicureans and of the Stoics philosophers encountered him; and some said: What may intend the seed–picker this to say? They said: Of strange demons he seems a proclaimer to be; because the Jesus and the resurrection to them he announced glad tidings.

19 Having taken hold and of him to the Mars hill they led, saying: Are we able to know, what the new this that by thee being spoken teaching?

20 Strange things for certain thou bringest to the ears of us. We desire therefore to know, what may intend these things to be.

21 Athenians and all and the sojourning strangers, in nothing else spend leisure, than to tell something and to hear newer.

22 Having stood up and the Paul in midst of the Mars hill, said: Men Athenians, in all things as it were worshippers of demons you I perceive;

23 passing through for and beholding the objects of worship of you, I found also an altar, in which had been written: To an unknown God. Whom therefore not knowing you worship, this I announce to you.

24 The God that having made the world and all the things in it, this of heaven and earth Lord being not in hand made temples dwells,

25 nor by hands of men is served, wanting anything, he giving to all life and breath and the things all;

26 made and out of one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, having fixed having been appointed seasons and the fixed limits of the habitation of them;

27 to seek the God, if indeed they might feel him and might find, and indeed not far from one each of us being.

28 In him for we live and are moved and we are; as also some of those with you poets have said: Of the for also offspring we are.

29 Offspring therefore being of the God, not we are bound to suppose, gold or silver or stone, a sculpture of art and device of man, the Deity to be like.

30 The indeed therefore times of the ignorance overlooking the God, now he commands to the men all in all places to reform;

31 because he established a day, in which he is about to judge the habitable in righteousness, by a man whom he appointed, a guarantee having furnished to all, having raised him out of dead ones.

32 Having heard and a resurrection of dead ones, these indeed mocked; those but said: We will hear thee again about this.

33 And thus the Paul went out from midst of them.

34 Some but men having associated with him, believed; among whom also Dionysius the Areopagite, and a woman by name Damaris, and others with them.