Atos 7

1 Said and the high–priest: If then these things thus are?

2 He and said: Men brethren and fathers, hear you. The God of the glory appeared to the father of us Abraham being in the Mesopotamia, before to dwell him in Charran.

3 And said to him: Go out from the land of thee, and from the kindred of thee, and come into a land, which to thee I may show.

4 Then going out from land of Chaldeans, he dwelt in Charran; and thence, after the to have died the father of him, he caused to remove him into the land this, in which you now dwell;

5 and not he gave to him inheritance in her, not even a foot–breadth; and he promised to him to give for a possession her, and to the seed of him after him, not being to him a child.

6 Spoke and thus the God: That shall be the seed of him a stranger in a land foreign, and they will enslave it and they will oppress years four–hundred;

7 and the nation, to which they may be enslaved, will judge I, said the God; and after these things they shall come out, and shall render service to me in the place this.

8 And he gave to him a covenant of circumcision; and thus he begot the Isaac, and circumcised him the day the eighth; and the Isaac the Jacob, and the Jacob the twelve patriarchs.

9 And the patriarchs envying the Joseph sold into Egypt; and was the God with him,

10 and delivered him out of all of the afflictions of him, and gave to him favor and wisdom in presence of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and placed him ruling over Egypt and whole the house of himself.

11 Came and a famine on whole the land of Egypt and Canaan, and affliction great; and not found provisions of fathers of us.

12 Having heard and Jacob being grain in Egypt, he sent the fathers of us first.

13 And in the second was made known Joseph to the brothers of himself, and shown became to the Pharaoh the family of the Joseph.

14 Having sent and Joseph called for the father of himself Jacob, and all the kindred, in souls seventy–five.

15 Went down and Jacob into Egypt, and died he and the fathers of us.

16 And they were carried into Sychem, and were placed in the tomb, which bought Abraham for a price of silver from the sons of Emmor of the Sychem.

17 When but drew near the time of the promise, which swore the God to the Abraham, grew the people and were multiplied in Egypt;

18 till for whom stood up a king another, who not knew the Joseph.

19 This having dealt deceitfully the family of us, ill–treated the fathers of us, of the to cause to be exposed the babes of them; in order that not they might be preserved.

20 In which season was born Moses, and was beautiful to the God; who was nursed months three in the house of the father.

21 Having exposed and him, took up him the daughter of Pharaoh, and nursed him herself for a son.

22 And was taught Moses in all wisdom of Egyptians; was and powerful in words and in works of himself.

23 When but was completed to him forty years of time, it came up in the heart of him to visit the brethren of himself, the sons of Israel.

24 And seeing one being wronged, he defended, and did justice to him being oppressed, having smitten the Egyptian.

25 He thought and to understand the brethren of himself, that the God by hands of him gives to them salvation; they but not understood.

26 In the but next day he appeared to those contending, and urged them to peace, saying: Men, brethren are you; why wrong you each other?

27 He but wronging the neighbor, thrust away him, saying: Who thee has appointed a ruler and a judge over us?

28 Not to kill me thou wishest, in which manner thou didst kill yesterday the Egyptian?

29 Fled and Moses at the word this, and became a sojourner in land of Midian, where he begot sons two.

30 And being completed years forty, appeared to him in the desert of the mountain Sinai a messenger of Lord in a flame of fire of a bush.

31 The but Moses having seen admired the sight; coming near and of him to observe, came a voice of Lord to him:

32 I the God of the fathers of thee, the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Terrified and being Moses not dared to look.

33 Said and to him the Lord: Loose the sandals of the feet of thee; the for place in which thou standest, ground holy is.

34 Having seen I saw the evil treatment of the people of me of that in Egypt, and the groaning of them I have heard, and am come down to deliver them; and now come, I will send thee into Egypt.

35 This the Moses whom they denied, saying: Who thee appointed a ruler and a judge? this the God a ruler and a redeemer sent by hand of a messenger of that having appeared to him in the bush.

36 This led out them, having done prodigies and signs in the Egypt, and in red sea, and in the desert, years forty.

37 This is the Moses, he saying to the sons of Israel: A prophet for you will raise up Lord the God from of the brethren of you, like me; him you shall hear.

38 This is he being, in the congregation in the desert, with the messenger that speaking to him in the mountain Sinai and of the fathers of us, who received oracles living to give to us;

39 to whom not were willing obedient to become the fathers of us, but thrust away, and turned back in the hearts of them into Egypt,

40 saying to the Aaron: Make for us gods, who shall go before us; the for Moses this who led out us from land Egypt, not we know what has happened to him.

41 And they made a calf in the days those, and offered a sacrifice to the idol, and rejoiced in the works of the hands of them.

42 Turned and the God, and gave up them to serve the host of the heaven; as it is written in book of the prophets: Not victims and sacrifices did you offer to me forty in the desert, house of Israel?

43 And you took up the tabernacle of the Moloch and star of the god of you Remphan, the images, which you made to worship them; and I will cause to remove you beyond Babylon.

44 The tabernacle of the testimony was with the fathers of us in the desert, as directed he speaking to the Moses, to make her according to the form which he had seen;

45 which also brought having received by succession the fathers of us with Jesus in to the possession of the nations, which drove out the God from face of the fathers of us, till the days of David;

46 who found favor in presence of the God, and asked to find a dwelling for the God of Jacob.

47 Solomon but built for him a house.

48 But not the Most High in hand made things dwells, as the prophet says:

49 The heaven to me a throne, the and earth a footstool of the feet of me. What house will you build for me? says Lord; or what place of the dwelling of me?

50 Not the hand of me made these things all?

51 O stiff–necked, and uncircumcised in the heart and the ears; you always the spirit the holy fight against, like the fathers of you also you.

52 Which of the prophets not persecuted the fathers of you? and they killed those having foretold concerning the coming of the righteous, of whom now you betrayers and murderers have become;

53 who received the law by injunctions of messengers, and not you kept.

54 Having heard and these things, they were enraged through the hearts of them, and gnashed the teeth of him.

55 Being but full of spirit holy, having gazed intently into the heaven, he saw glory of God, and Jesus having stood at right of the God,

56 and said: Lo, I see the heavens having been opened, and the son of the man at right having stood of the God.

57 Having cried and with a voice loud, they shut up the ears of them, and they ran with one mind on him;

58 and having cast outside the city, they stoned. And the witnesses laid down the mantles of them at the feet of a young man being called Saul,

59 and they stoned the Stephen, calling upon and saying:L O Lord Jesus, do thou receive the breath of me.

60 Having placed and the knees he cried out with a voice loud: O Lord, not thou mayest place to them the sin this. And this having said, he fell asleep.