Hebreus 1

1 In many parts and in many ways long ago the God having spoken to the fathers by the prophets, in last of the days of these spoke to us by a son,

2 whom he appointed an heir of all things, (on account of whom also the ages he made,)

3 who (being an effulgence of the glory and an exact impress of the substance of him, sustaining and the things all by the word of the power of himself,) through himself a purification have made of the sins of us, sat down at right of the majesty in high places;

4 by so much greater having become of them messengers, by so much more excellent beyond them he has inherited a name.

5 To which for did he say ever of the messengers: A son of me art thou, I to–day have begotten thee? and again: I will be to him for a Father, and he shall to me for a son?

6 when but again he may lead in the first born into the habitable, he says: And let worship him all messengers of God.

7 And concerning indeed the messengers he says: He making the messengers of himself spirits, and the public servants of himself of fire a flame;

8 concerning but the son: The throne of thee the god for the age of the ages; a sceptre of rectitude the sceptre of the kingdom of thee.

9 Thou didst love righteousness, and thou didst hate lawlessness; on account of this anointed thee the God of thee, oil of extreme joy beyond the associates of thee.

10 And: Thou in a beginning, O Lord, the earth didst form, and works of the hands of thee are the heavens.

11 They shall perish, thou but remainest; and all as a garment shall become old,

12 and like an upper garment thou wilt fold them, and they shall be changed; thou but the same art, and the years of thee not will fail.

13 To which but of the messengers did he say ever: Do thou sit at right of me, till I may place the enemies of thee footstool for the feet of thee?

14 Not all are public serving spirits, for service being sent forth on account of those being about to inherit salvation?