Hebreus 13

1 The brotherly love let continue.

2 Of the kind–to strangers not be you neglectful; through this for without knowing some having entertained messengers.

3 Be you mindful of the prisoners, as if having been bound together; of those being ill–treated, as also yourselves being in body.

4 Honorable the marriage among all, and the bed undefiled; fornicators but and adulterers will judge the God.

5 Not a love of money the turn of mind; being satisfied with the things being present; he for has said: Not not thee may I leave, not even thee may I forsake;

6 so that being confident us to say: A Lord for me a helper, and not I will fear; what shall do to me a man?

7 Remember you of those leading of you, who spoke to you the word of the God; of whom viewing attentively the result of the mode of life, imitate you the faith.

8 Jesus Anointed yesterday and to–day the same, and for the ages.

9 By teachings various and strange not be you lead away; good for by favor to be established the heart, not by provisions, by which not were profited those having walked about.

10 We have an altar, from which to eat not they have authority those in the tabernacle serving.

11 Of whom for is brought animals the blood concerning sin into the holies by means of the high–priest, of these the bodies are burned outside of the camp.

12 Therefore also Jesus, so that he might sanctify through the own blood the people, outside of the gate suffered.

13 Now then let us go forth to him outside of the camp, the reproach for him bearing;

14 not for we have here abiding a city, but the one being about to come we seek.

15 Through him therefore may we offer a sacrifice of praise continually to the God, this is, fruit of lips ascribing praise to the name of him.

16 Of the but doing good and fellowship not be you neglectful; with such for sacrifices is well–pleased the God.

17 Be you obedient to those leading you, and he you subject; they for watch on behalf of the souls of you, as an account going to render; so that with joy this they may do, and not groanings; disastrous for to you this.

18 Pray you for us; we have confidence for, because a good conscience we have, in all things well wishing to conduct ourselves;

19 more earnestly but I entreat this to do, so that more quickly I may be restored of you.

20 The now God of the peace, the one having led up out of dead ones the shepherd of the sheep the great by blood of a covenant age–lasting, the Lord of us Jesus,

21 knit together you in every work good, in order the to do the will of him; doing in you the well–pleasing thing in presence of himself, through Jesus Anointed; to whom the glory for the ages of the ages; so be it.

22 I entreat now you, brethren, bear you with the word of the exhortation; indeed for in few words I sent to you.

23 You know the brother Timothy having been sent away, with whom, if quickly he comes, I shall see you.

24 Salute you all the leaders of you, and all the holy ones. Salute you those from the Italy.

25 The favor with all of you. So be it.