Tito 1

1 Paul a bondman of God, an apostle but of Jesus Anointed, (according to faith of chosen ones of God and a knowledge of truth of that according to piety,

2 in hope of life age–lasting, which promised the not false God before times age–lasting, Titus

3 manifested but in seasons own the word of himself, by a proclamation which was entrusted with I according to an appointment of the saviour of us God,)

4 to Titus a genuine child according to common faith; favor, mercy, peace from God a Father, and Lord Jesus Anointed the saviour of us.

5 Of this cause I left thee in Crete so that the things wanting thou mightest rectify, and thou mightest constitute in each city elders, as I to thee have orders;

6 if any one is irreproachable, of one wife a husband, children having believing, not under an accusation of profligacy, or of insubordination.

7 It behooves for the overseer irreproachable to be, as of God a steward; not self–indulgent, not passionate, not a wine drinker, not a striker, not eager for base gains,

8 but a friend to strangers, a friend to goodness, prudent, just, holy, self–governed,

9 holding fast of the according to the teaching true word, so that able he may be both to exhort by the teaching by that sound and those speaking against to confute.

10 Are for many and unruly ones, foolish talkers and deceivers, especially those of circumcision,

11 whom it is necessary to muzzle; who whole houses overturn, teaching the things not proper, of base gain of account.

12 Said one from of them own of them a prophet; Cretans always liars, evil wild beasts, gluttons idle.

13 The testimony this is true; for which cause reprove them severely, so that they may be sound in the faith,

14 not holding to Jewish fables, and commandments of men turning away from the truth. Titus

15 All things indeed pure to the pure ones; to those but having been defiled and unfaithful ones nothing pure, but has been defiled of them both the mind and the conscience.

16 God they profess to have known, by the but works they deny, abominable ones being and disobedient ones, and as to every work good worthless ones.