Hebreus 12

1 Therefore also we, such having surrounding us a cloud of witnesses, encumbrance having laid aside every, and the close–girding sin, by means of patient endurance we should run the being laid out for us course;

2 looking away to the of the faith leader and perfecter Jesus, who in return for the being placed before him joy, endured a cross, shame disregarding, at right and of the throne of the God has sat down.

3 Attentively consider you for the such one having endured from the sinners towards himself opposition, no that not you may be wearied in the souls of you being discouraged.

4 Not yet even to blood you resisted with the sin contending against;

5 and you have forgotten the exhortation, which with you as with sons reasons: O son of me, not do not slight discipline of Lord, neither be thou discouraged by him being reproved;

6 whom for loves Lord, he disciplines; he scourges and every son whom he receives.

7 If discipline you endure, as with sons with you deals the God; any for is son, whom not disciplines a father?

8 If but without you are discipline, of which partakes have become all, certainly bastards you are and not sons.

9 Then those indeed of the flesh of us fathers we have disciplinarians, and we reverenced; not by much more shall we be submissive to the Father of the spirits, and we shall live?

10 They indeed for for a few days, according to that seeming right to them, disciplined; he but for that being profitable, in order that to partake of the holiness of him.

11 All but discipline as to indeed that being present not seems of joy to be but of grief; afterwards but fruit peaceful to those through her having been trained it returns of righteousness.

12 Therefore the having been wearied hands and the having been enfeebled knees do you brace up;

13 and paths level do you make for the feet of you, so that not the lame may be turned out, may be healed but rather.

14 Peace do you pursue with all, and the holiness, which without no one shall see the Lord.

15 Looking carefully, lest any one falling back from the favor of the God; lest any root of bitterness upward springing may disturb, and by means of this may be polluted many;

16 lest any fornicator, or profane person like Esau, who on account of eating of one sold the birthrights of himself.

17 You know for, that even afterwards wishing to inherit the blessing, he was rejected; for a change of mind for a place not he found, through with tears having earnestly sought her.

18 Not for you have approached being touched a mountain, and having been hurt with fire, and to a thick cloud, and to darkness, and to tempest,

19 and of a trumpet to a sound, and to a voice of words of which those having heard entreated, not to be added to them a word;

20 (not they endured for that being enjoined. If even a wild–beast may touch the mountain, it shall be stoned;

21 and, so fearful was that being seen, Moses said: Affrighted I am and tremble;)

22 but you have approached Zion a mountain; and to a city of God living, Jerusalem heavenly; and to myriads, of messengers an entire assembly;

23 and to a congregation of first–borns, having been enrolled in heavens; and to a judge God of all; and to spirits of just ones having been perfected;

24 and of a covenant new to a mediator, Jesus; and of blood of sprinkling, a better thing speaking than the Abel.

25 Beware you, not you should refuse the one speaking. If for those not escaped, him on earth having refused divinely admonishing, by now much more we who him from heavens are turning away from;

26 of whom the voice the earth shook then; now but it has been announced, saying: Yet once for all I shake not only the earth, but also the heavens.

27 The but, yet once for all denotes of the things being shaken the removal, as of things having been made, so that may remain the not things being shaken.

28 Therefore kingdom unshaken receiving, may we hold fast favor, by means of which we may serve acceptably to the God, with reverence and piety.

29 Even for the God of us a fire consuming.