Hebreus 4

1 We may fear then, lest ever, being left a promise to enter into the rest of him, should seem any one from you to have failed.

2 Also for we were having been addressed with glad tidings, even as also they; but not did profit the word of the hearing them, not having seen been mixed with the faith to those hearing.

3 We enter for into the rest those having believed, as he has said: So I swore in the wrath of me: If they shall enter into the rest of me; namely from the works from a laying down of a world having been done.

4 It has been spoken for somewhere concerning the seventh thus: And rested the God in the day the seventh from all of the works of himself;

5 and in this again: If they shall enter into the rest of me.

6 Since then it is left some to enter into her, and those formerly having received glad tidings not entered on account of unbelief;

7 again certain he defines a day, To–day by David, saying, after so long a time; (as it has been said;) To–day, if the voice of him you may hear, not harden you the hearts of you.

8 If for them Jesus caused to rest, not would concerning another have spoken after these of a day.

9 Therefore remains a keeping of a sabbath for the people of the God.

10 The for one having entered into the rest of him, also himself caused to rest from the works of himself, like as from the own the God.

11 We should earnestly endeavor therefore to enter into that the rest, so that not by the same any one example may fail of the unbelief.

12 Living for the word of the God, and energetic, and more cutting beyond every sword two–mouthed, even cutting through to a division of life both and of breath, of joints both and of marrows, and able to judge of thoughts and of intentions of heart;

13 and not is a creature out of sight in presence of him, all things but naked and having been laid open to the eyes of him, with whom for us the word.

14 Having therefore a high–priest great, having passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of the God, we should lay hold of the profession.

15 Not for we have a high–priest not being able to suffer with the weaknesses of us, having been tempted but in all things according to a likeness, apart from sin.

16 We should come therefore with confidence to the throne of the favor, so that we may receive mercy, and favor we may find for seasonable help.