Marcos 4

1 And again he began to teach by the sea; and was assembled to him a crowd great, so as him entering into the ship, to sit in the sea; and all the crowd by the sea on the land was.

2 And he taught them in parables many, and said to them in the teaching of him:

3 Hear you: Lo, went out the sower of the (seed) to sow.

4 And it happened in the sowing, this indeed fell on the path; and came the birds, and ate it.

5 Another and fell on the rocky ground, where not it had earth much; and immediately it sprung up, through the not to have a depth of earth.

6 Sun and having arisen, it was scorched, and through the not to have a root, was dried up.

7 And another fell into thorns; and sprung up the thorns, and chocked it, and fruit not it gave.

8 And another fell into the ground the good; and it bore fruit springing up and increasing; and bore one thirty, and one sixty, and one a hundred.

9 And he said: He having ear to hear, let him hear.

10 When and he was alone, asked him those about him, with the twelve, the parables.

11 And he said to them: To you it is given to know the secret of the kingdom of the God; to them but to those without in parables the all (things) are done;

12 that seeing they may see, and not they may see; and hearing they may hear, and not they may hear; lest they should turn, and should be forgiven to them the sins.

13 And he says to them: Nat know you the parable this? and how all the parables will you know?

14 He sowing, the word sows.

15 These and are they by the path, where is sown the word, and when they may hear, immediately comes the adversary, and takes the word that having been sown in the hearts of them.

16 And these are like those on the rocky ground being sown, who, when they may hear the word, immediately with joy they receive it;

17 and not they have a root in themselves, but for a reason they are; then occurring trial or persecution through the word, immediately they are offended.

18 And others are those into the thorns, being sown; these are those the word hearing,

19 and the cares of the age, and the delusion of the wealth, and the about the other (things) strong desires entering in choke the word; and unfruitful it becomes.

20 And these are those upon the ground the good being sown, who hear the word, and accept; and bear fruit, one thirty, and one sixty, and one a hundred.

21 And he said to them: Neither the lamp comes, that under the measure it may be placed, or under the couch? not that on the lamp–stand it may be placed?

22 Not for is any thing hidden, which if not it may be disclosed; nor was stored away, but that into light it may come.

23 If any one has ears to hear, let him hear.

24 And he said to them: Consider you, what you hear. In what measure you measure, it shall be measured to you.

25 Who for ever may have, it shall be given to him; and who not has, even what he has will be taken from him.

26 And he said: Thus is the kingdom of the God, as if a man should cast the seed on the earth,

27 and should sleep and wake night and day, and the seed should germinate and grow up, as not knows he.

28 Of its own accord for the earth bears fruit, first, a plant, then an ear, then full grain in the ear.

29 When but may be ripe the fruit, immediately he sends the sickle, for is ready the harvest.

30 And he said: To what may be compare the kingdom of the God? or by what parable may we compare her?

31 As a grain of mustard, which, when it may be sown on the earth, less of all of the seeds it is of those on the earth;

32 and when it may be shown, it springs up and becomes of all herbs greater, and produces branches great, so as to be under the shadow of it the birds of the heaven to build nests.

33 And such like parables many he spoke to them the word, even they were able to hear.

34 Without but a parable not he spoke to them; privately but to the disciples of himself he explained all.

35 And he says to them in that the day, evening being come: We may pass over to the other side.

36 And having left the crowd they took him, as he was in the ship; also other and ships was with him.

37 And arose a squall of wind great; the and waves dashed into the ship, so as it was now to fill.

38 And was he in the stern, on the pillow sleeping; and they awoke him, and they said to him: O teacher, not it concerns thee, that we perish?

39 And having arisen he rebuked the wind, and said to the sea: Be silent, be still. And ceased the wind, and was a calm great.

40 And he said to them: Why timid are you so? how not you have faith?

41 And they feared a fear great, and said to one another: Who then this is, for even the wind and the sea hearken to him.