Marcos 2

1 And again he went into Capernaum after days; and it was reported, that into a house he is.

2 And immediately were gathered together many, so as no longer to contain not even the places near the door; and he spake to them the word.

3 And they come to him a paralytic bringing, being carried by four.

4 And not being able to come nigh to him through the crowd, they uncovered the roof, where he was; and having dug through they let down the bed upon which the paralytic was laid.

5 Seeing and the Jesus the faith of them, says to the paralytic: Son, are forgiven of thee the sins.

6 Were but some of the scribes there sitting and reasoning in the hearts of them:

7 Why this thus speaks blasphemy? Who is able to forgive sins, if not one the God?

8 And immediately knowing the Jesus to the spirit of himself, that thus they reasoned among themselves, said to them: Why these (things) reason you in the hearts of you?

9 Which is easier? to say to the paralytic: Are forgiven of thee the sins? or to say: Arise, take up of thee the bed, and walk?

10 That but you may know, that authority has the son of the man on the earth to forgive sins; (he says to the paralytic:)

11 To thee I say: Arise, take up the bed of thee, and go into the house of thee.

12 And he was raised immediately, and taking up the bed, went out in presence of all; so as to astonish all, and to glorify the God, saying: That never thus we saw.

13 And he went out again by the sea; and all the crowds came to him, and he taught them.

14 And passing on he saw Levi the of the Alpheus, sitting at the custom house, and says to him: Follow me. And arising up he followed him.

15 And it happened in the to recline at table him in the house of him, and many publicans and sinners reclined with the Jesus and the disciples of him; they were for many, and they followed him.

16 And the scribes and the Pharisees seeing him eating with the publicans and sinners, said to the disciples of him: Why that with of the publicans and sinners he eats and drinks?

17 And hearing the Jesus says to them: No need have those being well of a physician, but those sick being. Not I came to call just (ones) but sinners.

18 And were the disciples of John and the Pharisees fasting; and they come, and they say to him: Why the disciples of John and those of the Pharisees fast; those but to thee disciples not fast?

19 And said to them the Jesus: Not are able the sons of the bride–chamber, in which the bridegroom with them is, to fast? so long a time with themselves they have the bridegroom, not are able to fast.

20 Will come but days, when may be taken away from them the bridegroom, and then they will fast in that the day.

21 No one a patch of cloth unfulled sews on to a mantle old; if but not, takes away the patch of itself the new of the old, and worse a rent becomes.

22 And no one puts wine new into bottles old; if but not, bursts the wine the new the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles are lost; but wine new into bottles new must be put.

23 And it came to pass to go him in the sabbath through the corn–fields, and began the disciples of him a way to make plucking the ears of corn.

24 And the Pharisees said to him: See, why do they in the sabbath, what not is lawful?

25 And he said to them: Never have you known, what did David, when need he had, and was hungry, he and those with him?

26 How he went into the house of the God, to Abiathar of the high–priest, and the loaves of the presence did eat, which not is lawful to eat if not the priests, and he gave also to those with him being?

27 And he said to them: The sabbath because of the man was made, not the man because of the sabbath.

28 So that a lord is the son of the man even of the sabbath.