Marcos 9

1 And he said to them: Indeed I say to you, that are some of those here having stood, who not not shall taste of death, till they may see the royal majesty of the God having come in power.

2 And after days six takes the Jesus the Peter, and the James and John, and leads up them into a mountain high privately alone; and he was transfigured in the presence of them

3 And the garments of him became glittering, white extremely as snow, such as a fuller upon the earth not is able to make white.

4 And appeared to them Elias with Moses; and were talking with the Jesus.

5 And answering the Peter says to the Jesus: Rabbi, good it is us here to be; and we may make tents three, to thee one, and Moses one, and Elias one.

6 Not for he knew any thing he might say; there were for terrified.

7 And there came a cloud overshadowing them; and came a voice out of the cloud: This is the son of me the beloved; him hear you.

8 And suddenly looking round, no longer no one they saw, but the Jesus alone with themselves.

9 Coming down and of them from the mountain, he charged them, that to no one they should relate what they saw, except when the son of the man out of dead ones should be raised.

10 And the word they kept to themselves, arguing, what is that out of dead ones to be raised.

11 And they asked him, saying: That say the scribes, that Elias must to come first?

12 He and answering said to them: Elias indeed coming first; restores all things, and how it is written about the son of the man, that many things he should suffer, and should be despised.

13 But I say to you, that both Elias has come, and they have done to him whatever they wished, even as it is written about him.

14 And coming to the disciples, he saw a crowd great about them, and scribes disputing with them.

15 And immediately all the crowd, seeing him, were awe–struck, and running to saluted him.

16 And he asked them: What dispute you wish with them?

17 And answering one out of the crowd said: O teacher, I brought the son of me to thee, having a spirit dumb.

18 And wherever him it may seize, it convulses him; and he foams, and grinds the teeth of him, and pines away. And I spoke to the disciples of thee, that it they might cast out, and not they had power.

19 He and answering to them says: O generation without faith, till when you shall I be? till when shall I bear you? Bring you him to me.

20 And they brought him to him. And seeing him, immediately the spirit convulsed him; and falling upon the ground, he rolled, foaming.

21 And he asked the father of him: How long a time is it, since this happened to him? He and said: From a child;

22 and often him both into fire has cast and into waters, that it might destroy him; but if any thing thou canst do, give aid to us, having pity on us.

23 The and Jesus said to him: That, if thou art able to believe; all things are possible to the believing.

24 And immediately crying out the father of the child, with tears he said: I believe help thou of me the unbelief.

25 Seeing and the Jesus, that runs together a crowd, he rebuked the spirit the unclean, saying to it: The spirit the dumb and deaf, I to thee command; Come out of him, and no more enter into him.

26 And crying out, and many times convulsing, it came out. And he became as dead, so that many to say, that he is dead.

27 The but Jesus taking him of the hand, raised up him; and he stood up.

28 And having come him into a house, the disciples of him asked him privately: That we not were able to cast out it?

29 And he said to them: This the kind by nothing is able to go out, if not in prayer and fasting.

30 And thence departing, he passed through the Galilee; and not was willing, that any one should know.

31 He taught for the disciples of himself, and said to them: That the son of the man is delivered up into hands of men, and they will kill him; and having been killed, the third day he will rise.

32 They but did not understand the word, and were afraid him to ask.

33 And he came to Capernaum; and in the house being, he asked them: What in the way among yourselves were you disputing?

34 but were silent; with one another for they had disputed on the way, who greater.

35 And sitting down, he called the twelve, and says to them: If any one desires first to be, he will be of all last, and of all a servant.

36 And taking a little child, he placed it in midst of them, and embracing in his arms it, he said to them:

37 Whoever one of the such little children may receive in the name of me, me receives; and whoever me may receive, not me receives, but the having sent me.

38 Answered and to him John, saying: O teacher, I saw one to the name of thee casting out demons; and we forbade him, because not he follows us.

39 He but Jesus said: Not do you forbid him. No one for is, who will do a mighty work in the name of me, and will be able readily to speak evil of me.

40 Who for not is against you, for you is.

41 Who for ever may give drink to you a cup of water, in name, because of Anointed you are, indeed I say to you, not not he may lose the reward of himself.

42 And whoever may insnare one of the little ones, of the believing into me, good it is to him rather, if hangs a stone of a mill around the neck of him, and has been cast into the sea.

43 And if may insnare thee the hand of thee, cut thou off her; good to thee it is crippled into the life to enter, than the two hands having to go into the Gehenna, into the fire the inextinguishable,

44 where the worm of them not dies, and the fire not is quenched.

45 And if the foot of thee may insnare thee, cut thou off him; good it is to thee to enter into the life lame, than the two feet having to be cast into the Gehenna, into the fire the inextinguishable,

46 where the worm of them not dies, and the fire not is quenched.

47 And if the eye of thee may insnare thee, cast thou out him; good to thee it is one–eyed to enter into the kingdom of the God, than two eyes having to be cast into the Gehenna of the fire,

48 where the worm of them not dies, and the fire not is quenched.

49 Every one for with fire shall be salted; and every sacrifice with salt shall be salted.

50 Good the salt; if but the salt without taste may become, with what it will you season? Have you in yourselves salt, and be you at peace with one another.