Ajuda ao Próximo

Are bound and we the strong ones the infirmities of those without strength to bear, and not ourselves to please;

Romanos 15:1

This is the commandment the mine, that you love each other, as I loved you.

João 15:12

35 I hungered for, and you gave to me to eat; I thirsted, and you gave drink to me; a stranger I was, and you entertained me;

36 naked, and you clothed me; I was sick, and you visited me; in prison I was, and you came to me.

37 Then shall answer to him the just one, saying: O lord, when thee we saw hungering, and nourished? or thirsting, and we gave drink?

38 When and thee we saw a stranger, and we entertained? or naked, and we clothed?

39 When and thee we saw sick, or in prison, and we came to thee?

40 And answering the king will say to them: Indeed I say to you, in whatever you did, to one of these of the brothers of me of the least, to me you did.

Mateus 25:35-40

not the things of yourselves each one regarding, but also the things of others everyone.

Filipenses 2:4

Greater of this love no one has, that any one the life of himself may lay down in behalf of the friends of himself.

João 15:13

35 All these I pointed out to you, that so laboring it is necessary to aid those being weak, to remember and the words of the Lord Jesus, that he said: Blessed it is more to give than to receive.

36 And these things having said, having placed the knees of himself, with all those he prayed.

37 Much and was weeping of all; and having fallen on the neck of the Paul, they affectionately kissed him;

38 sorrowing most of all for the word which he spoke, that no more, they are about the face of him to see. They accompanied and him to the ship.

Atos 20:35-38

Give you, and it shall be given to you; measure good having been pressed down and having been shaken and running over shall be given into the bosom of you; by the for same measure, with which you measure, it shall be measured again to you.

Lucas 6:38

14 What the profit, brethren of me, if faith may say any one to have, works but not may have? not is able the faith to save him?

15 If but a brother or a sister naked ones should be, and wanting may be of the daily food,

16 may say and any one to them from of you: Go you away in peace, be you warmed and be you filled; not you may give but to them the things necessary of the body, what the profit?

17 Thus also faith, if not if may have works, dead it is by itself.

Tiago 2:14-17

Thus let it shine the light of you in the presence of the men, that they may see of you the good works, and may praise the Father of you that in the heavens.

Mateus 5:16

Of each other the burdens bear you, and thus fulfil you the law of the Anointed.

Gálatas 6:2

To the asking thee do thou give; and the wishing from thee to borrow money, not do thou repulse.

Mateus 5:42

to the wants of the holy ones contributing; the kindness to strangers following.

Romanos 12:13

The one stealing no longer let him steal, rather but let him toil working the good thing with the hands, so that he may have to give to the one want having.

Efésios 4:28

And asked him the crowds, saying: What then should we do?

Answering and he says to them: He having two tunics, let him share with the not having; and he having meats, in like manner let him do.

Lucas 3:10,11

Who but may have the substance of the world, and may see the brother of himself need having, and may close the bowels of himself from him, how the love of the God abides in him?

1 João 3:17

Sell you the possessions of you, and give you alms. Make for yourselves bags not growing old, a treasure exhaustless in the heavens, where a thief not approaches, nor moth destroys.

Where for is the treasure of you, there also the heart of you will be.

Lucas 12:33,34