And on account of this of a covenant new a mediator he is, so that of a death having taken place, for a redemption of the under the first covenant transgressions, the promise might receive those having been called of the age–lasting inheritance.

Hebreus 9:15

The now God of the peace, the one having led up out of dead ones the shepherd of the sheep the great by blood of a covenant age–lasting, the Lord of us Jesus,

knit together you in every work good, in order the to do the will of him; doing in you the well–pleasing thing in presence of himself, through Jesus Anointed; to whom the glory for the ages of the ages; so be it.

Hebreus 13:20,21

now but more excellent he has obtained a service by as much also of a better he is covenant a mediator, which on better promises has been instituted.

Hebreus 8:6

who also qualified us servants of a new covenant, not of letter, but of spirit; the for letter kills, the but spirit gives life.

2 Coríntios 3:6

24 Which things is being adapted to another meaning; these for are two covenants; one indeed from mount Sinai, for servitude bring forth, which is Agar;

25 the for Agar, Sinai a mountain it is in the Arabia, it corresponds and to the present Jerusalem, she is in bondage for with the children of herself;

26 the but above Jerusalem, a free–woman is, who is a mother of us:

Gálatas 4:24-26