And sitting down, he called the twelve, and says to them: If any one desires first to be, he will be of all last, and of all a servant.

Marcos 9:35

Not there is a Jew, nor a Greek; not there is a slave, nor a freeman; not there is male and female; all for you one are in Anointed Jesus;

if but you of Anointed, certainly of the Abraham seed you are, and according to promise heirs.

Gálatas 3:28,29

Looking but the Jesus said to him: With man this impossible is; with but God all possible.

Mateus 19:26

In flesh for walking, not according to flesh warring.

2 Coríntios 10:3

all things but try you; the good thing hold you fast;

from every form of evil do you abstain.

1 Tessalonicenses 5:21,22

not looking of us the things being seen, but the things not being seen; the things for being seen, transient things; the things but being seen, age–lasting things.

2 Coríntios 4:18

Answered the Jesus and said to him: Indeed indeed I say to thee, if not any one may be born from above, not is able to see the kingdom of the God.

João 3:3

O depth of wealth and of wisdom and of knowledge of God. How unsearchable the judgments of him, and untraceable the ways of him.

Romanos 11:33

grow you but in favor and knowledge of the Lord of us and Savior Jesus Anointed. To him the glory both now and to a day of an age; so be it.

2 Pedro 3:18

that the God of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed, the Father of the glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in full knowledge of him.

Efésios 1:17

No one being tempted let say: That from a God I am tempted; the for God not tempted is of evils, tempts and he no one.

Tiago 1:13