Consequências dos Nossos Atos

So then each one of us concerning himself an account shall give to the God.

Romanos 14:12

6 who will render to each according to the works of him;

7 to those indeed by perseverance of a work good, glory and honor and incorruptibility are seeking, life age–lasting;

8 to those but from a party spirit, and disobeying indeed the truth, obeying but the unrighteousness, wrath and indignation.

9 Affliction and distress on every soul of man of the working the evil, of Jew both first and of Greek;

10 glory but and honor and peace to every one the working the good, to Jew both first and to Greek.

11 Not for is respect of persons with the God.

Romanos 2:6-11

And not as through one having sinned, the free gift. The indeed for sentence, from one to condemnation; the but gracious gift, from many offences to righteousness.

If for by the of the one fail the death reigned through the one, by much more those the abundance of the favor and of the gift of the righteousness having received, in life shall reign through one Jesus Anointed.

Romanos 5:16,17

Not do you judge, that not you may be judged.

In what for judgment you judge, you shall be judged; and in what measure you measure, it shall measured to you.

Mateus 7:1,2

I say but to you, that every word idle, which if may speak the men, they shall give account, concerning this word in a day of trial.

Mateus 12:36

Living for the word of the God, and energetic, and more cutting beyond every sword two–mouthed, even cutting through to a division of life both and of breath, of joints both and of marrows, and able to judge of thoughts and of intentions of heart;

and not is a creature out of sight in presence of him, all things but naked and having been laid open to the eyes of him, with whom for us the word.

Hebreus 4:12,13