Tomar uma Decisão

coming by the Mysia, they attempted into the Bithynia to go; and not permitted them the spirit of Jesus.

Atos 16:7

Therefore also we, such having surrounding us a cloud of witnesses, encumbrance having laid aside every, and the close–girding sin, by means of patient endurance we should run the being laid out for us course;

Hebreus 12:1

Whether then you eat, or you drink, or anything you do, all things for glory of God do you.

1 Coríntios 10:31

If but any one of you is destitute of wisdom, let him ask from of the one giving of God to all liberality, and not censuring; and it will be given to him.

Tiago 1:5

All writing inspired of God and profitable for teaching, for proof, for correction, for turning up that in righteousness;

2 Timóteo 3:16

1 Were and some in Antioch in the being congregation prophets and teachers, the both Barnabas and Simon that being called Black, and Lucius the Cyrenian, Manaen also, of Herod the tetrarch a foster brother, and Saul.

2 Serving and of them the Lord and fasting, said the spirit the holy: Separate you indeed for me the Barnabas and the Saul for the work, which I have called them.

3 Then having fasted and having prayed, and having laid the hands to them, they sent forth.

Atos 13:1-3

And this is the boldness which we have towards him, that if anything we may ask according to the will of him, he hears us;

1 João 5:14

so that complete may be the of the God man, for every work good having been thoroughly fitted,

2 Timóteo 3:17

If we confess the the sins of us, faithful he is and just so that he may forgive to us the sins, and he may cleanse us from all righteousness.

1 João 1:9