Dia dos Pais

20 And having arisen he went to the father of himself. While but of him at a distance being, saw him the father of him, and was moved with pity; and running he fell on the neck of him and repeatedly kissed him.

21 Said and to him the son: O father, I sinned against the heaven and in presence of thee; and no longer I am fit to be called a son of thee.

22 Said but the father to the slaves of himself: Bring you out the robe the chief, and clothe you him, and give you a finger–ring into the hand of him, and shoes for the feet.

23 And having brought the calf the fatted do you sacrifice; and eating we may be joyful;

Lucas 15:20-23

Watch you, stand you firm in the faith, be you manly, be you strong;

1 Coríntios 16:13