And second like, this: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself. Greater of these another commandment not is.

Marcos 12:31

each one of us to the neighbor let please for the good to building up.

Romanos 15:2

And having called the crowd with the disciples of himself, he said to them: Whoever wishes after me to follow, let him deny himself, and let him bear the cross of himself, and let him follow me.

Marcos 8:34

But of no account I make, nor I the life of me valuable to myself, so that to finish the course of me with joy, and the services which I received from the Lord Jesus, to earnestly declare the glad tidings of the favor of the God.

Atos 20:24

nothing in strife or vain–glory, but in the lowliness of mind others esteeming exceeding yourselves;

Filipenses 2:3

No one himself let deceive; if any one seems wise to be among you in the age this, a fool let him become, so that he may become wise.

1 Coríntios 3:18

With Anointed I have been crucified; I live but, no longer I, lives but in me Anointed; the but now I live in flesh, by faith I live in the of that son of the God, of that having loved me and having delivered up himself in behalf of me.

Gálatas 2:20

Where for rivalry and strife, there disorder and every foul deed.

Tiago 3:16

No one that of himself let him seek, but that of the other.

1 Coríntios 10:24

The love suffers long, is gentle; the love not envies; the love not is boastful, not is puffed up,

not acts unbecomingly, not seeks the things of herself, not is provoked to anger, not imputes the evil,

1 Coríntios 13:4,5