Família de Deus

As many as but received him, he gave to them authority children of God to become, to those believing into the name of him;

who not from bloods, nor from a will of flesh, nor from a will of a man, but from God were begotten.

João 1:12,13

not leaving off the assembling together of ourselves, as a custom with some, but exhorting; and by much more, by so much you see drawing near the day.

Hebreus 10:25

7 If discipline you endure, as with sons with you deals the God; any for is son, whom not disciplines a father?

8 If but without you are discipline, of which partakes have become all, certainly bastards you are and not sons.

9 Then those indeed of the flesh of us fathers we have disciplinarians, and we reverenced; not by much more shall we be submissive to the Father of the spirits, and we shall live?

10 They indeed for for a few days, according to that seeming right to them, disciplined; he but for that being profitable, in order that to partake of the holiness of him.

Hebreus 12:7-10

33 And he answered to them, saying: Who is the mother of me, or the brothers of me?

34 And looking about round those about him sitting, he says: Lo the mother of me, and the brothers of me.

35 Who for ever may do the will of the God, this a brother of me, and a sister of me and a mother is.

Marcos 3:33-35

An elderly man not thou mayest chide, but exhort as a father; younger men, as brothers;

elderly women, as mothers; younger women, as sisters, in all purity.

1 Timóteo 5:1,2

15 Not for you received a spirit of bondage back to fear, but you received a spirit of sonship, by which we cry: Abba, the Father.

16 Itself the spirit testifies together with the spirit of us, that we are children of God.

17 If and children, also heirs; heirs indeed of God, joint–heirs and of an Anointed; if indeed we suffer with, so that also we may be glorified with.

Romanos 8:15-17

4 when but came the fulness of the time, sent forth the God the son of himself, having been born from a woman, having been born under law,

5 in order that those under law he might buy off, that the sonship we might receive. Galatians

6 Because and you are sons, he sent forth the God the spirit of the son of himself into the hearts of us, crying: Abba, the Father.

7 So that no longer thou art a slave, but a son; if but a son, also an heir of God through Anointed.

Gálatas 4:4-7

26 All for sons of God you are through the faith in Anointed Jesus; Galatians

27 as many as for into Anointed were dipped, Anointed you were clothed.

28 Not there is a Jew, nor a Greek; not there is a slave, nor a freeman; not there is male and female; all for you one are in Anointed Jesus;

Gálatas 3:26-28

The but slave not abides in the house to the age; the son abides to the age.

João 8:35

thus the many one body we are in Anointed, the but each one, of each other members.

Romanos 12:5

See you, what love has given to us the Father, so that children of God we should be called. On account of this the world not knows us, because not it knew him.

Beloved ones, now children of God we are, and not yet was it brought to light, what we shall be; we know but, that if he should appear, like to him we shall be; because we shall see him, as he is.

1 João 3:1,2

So then, as opportunity we have, we should work the good to all, especially but to the family–members of the faith.

Gálatas 6:10

And whether suffers one member, suffers with all the members; or is glorified one member, rejoices with all the members.

1 Coríntios 12:26

For this cause I bend the knees of me to the Father of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed,

from whom whole family in heavens and on earth is named,

Efésios 3:14,15

in love having previously marked out us for sonship through Jesus Anointed for himself, according to the good pleasure of the will of himself,

for a praise of glory of the favor of himself, with which he favored us in the one having been beloved,

Efésios 1:5,6

19 So then no longer you are strangers and sojourners, but fellow–citizens of the holy ones and family–members of the God,

20 having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, being a corner–foundation of it Jesus Anointed;

21 on which all the building being fitly compacted together grows up into the temple holy in Lord;

22 on which also you are built up together, for salvation of the God in spirit.

Efésios 2:19-22

Said to them the Jesus: If the God a father of you was, you would love me; I for from the God came out and am come; not even for of myself I have come, but he me sent.

João 8:42