Filhos de Deus

These things but have been written, that you may believe, that Jesus is the Anointed, the son of the God, and that believing life you may have in the name of him.

João 20:31

Thus for loved the God the world, so that the son of himself the only–begotten he gave, that every one who believing into him, not may be destroyed, but may have life age–lasting.

João 3:16

All for sons of God you are through the faith in Anointed Jesus; Galatians

as many as for into Anointed were dipped, Anointed you were clothed.

Gálatas 3:26,27

Blessed the peace–makers, for they sons of God shall be called.

Mateus 5:9

As many as for by spirit of God are led, these are sons of God.

Not for you received a spirit of bondage back to fear, but you received a spirit of sonship, by which we cry: Abba, the Father.

Romanos 8:14,15

15 He says to them: You but who me say to be?

16 Answering and Simon Peter said:Thou art the Anointed, the son of the God the living.

17 And answering the Jesus said to him: Blessed art thou, Simon son of Jonas; for flesh and blood not it has revealed to thee, but the Father of me, that in the heavens.

Mateus 16:15-17

Itself the spirit testifies together with the spirit of us, that we are children of God.

Romanos 8:16

See you, what love has given to us the Father, so that children of God we should be called. On account of this the world not knows us, because not it knew him.

1 João 3:1

So that no longer thou art a slave, but a son; if but a son, also an heir of God through Anointed.

Gálatas 4:7

As many as but received him, he gave to them authority children of God to become, to those believing into the name of him;

who not from bloods, nor from a will of flesh, nor from a will of a man, but from God were begotten.

João 1:12,13

In this manifest is the children of the God and the children of the accuser. Every one the not doing righteousness, not is of the God, and the not one loving the brother of himself.

1 João 3:10

If discipline you endure, as with sons with you deals the God; any for is son, whom not disciplines a father?

If but without you are discipline, of which partakes have become all, certainly bastards you are and not sons.

Hebreus 12:7,8

this is, not the children of the flesh, these children of the God; but the children of the promise are counted for seed.

Romanos 9:8

when but came the fulness of the time, sent forth the God the son of himself, having been born from a woman, having been born under law,

in order that those under law he might buy off, that the sonship we might receive. Galatians

Gálatas 4:4,5