A Paixão de Cristo

Since then the children have been sharers of flesh and blood, also he in like manner partook of the of them, so that by means of the death he might make powerless him the strength having of the death, that is the accuser,

and might set free them as many as by fear of death through all of the life held in were slavery.

Hebreus 2:14,15

recommends but the of himself love to us the God, because, still sinners being of us, Anointed one in behalf of us died.

Romanos 5:8

21 To this for you were called; because even Anointed suffered on behalf of you, to you leaving behind an example, so that you may follow in the steps of him;

22 who sin not did, nor was found guile in the mouth of him;

23 who being reviled not reviled again, suffering not he threatened, delivered himself up but to the one judging righteously;

24 who the sins of us himself carried up in the body of himself to the tree, that to the sins having died, to the righteousness we may live; of whom by the scars of him you were healed.

1 Pedro 2:21-24

The and high–priests and whole the high council sought against the Jesus testimony for the to put to death him; and not they found.

Marcos 14:55

Through this the Father me loves, because I lay down the life of me, that again I may receive her;

no one takes her from me, but I lay down her of myself; authority I have to lay down her, and authority I have again to receive her; this the command I received from the Father of me.

João 10:17,18

and in condition being found as a man; humbled himself, having become obedient till death, of a death even of a cross.

Filipenses 2:8

And for the son of the man not came to be served, but to serve, and to give the life of himself a ransom for many.

Marcos 10:45

Then he says to them: Extremely sorrowful is the soul of me to death; remain you here and watch you with me.

Mateus 26:38

From that time began the Jesus to show to the disciples of him, that must he to go to Jerusalem, and many (things) to suffer from the elders and high–priests and scribes, and to be killed, and the third day to be raised.

Mateus 16:21