Descansar no Senhor

through which cause also these things I suffer, but not I am ashamed; I know for in whom I have believed, and I have confided in, because powerful he is the trust of me to guard to that the day.

2 Timóteo 1:12

and the peace of the God that surpassing all conception, will guard the hearts of you and the minds of you in Anointed Jesus.

Filipenses 4:7

all the anxious care of you having cast on him, because with him is care concerning you.

1 Pedro 5:7

28 Come to me all the toiling and being burdened, and I will cause to rest you.

29 Take the yoke of me upon you, and be informed by me; for meek I am, and humble to the heart and you shall find a rest to the lives of you.

30 The for yoke of me easy, and the burden of me light is.

Mateus 11:28-30