1 Coríntios 9

1 Am I not a son of freedom? am I not an apostle? or have I not seen Jeshu Meshiha our Lord? or are not you my work in my Lord?

2 And if to others I be not an apostle, yet am I (such) to you; and the seal of my apostleship are you.

3 My apology to them who judge me is this:

4 Have we not authority to eat and to drink?

5 or have we not authority a sister, a wife, to lead about with us, as the rest of the apostles, and as the brethren of our Lord, and as Kipha?

6 Or have I only, and Bar Naba, not authority to forbear from labour?

7 Who serveth at service at the expenses of himself? or who planteth the vinery, and from the fruits thereof eateth not? or who pastureth sheep, and from the milk of the flock eateth not?

8 Do I as a man speak these things? Behold, the law also saith these things.

9 For it is written in the law of Musha, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out (the corn). But of oxen is Aloha careful?

10 But it is evident that on our account this is said; for on our account it is written, because that in hope it behoveth the ploughman to plough, and him who thresheth, in hope of provision (to thresh).

11 If we of the spirit have sown among you, is it a great thing if we from you of the body shall reap?

12 And if others have this power over you, much more have we. But we are not used in this power; but we bear all, lest in any thing we should hinder the gospel of the Meshiha.

13 KNOW you not that they who serve in the sanctuary from the sanctuary are sustained? And they who at the altar serve share with the altar?

14 So also our Lord hath commanded, that they who his gospel preach, by his gospel shall live.

15 But I am not used in one of these; nor on this account have I thus written, that so it should be done unto me: for it were better for me that dying I should die, than that any man my glorying should make void.

16 Yet also in preaching I have no cause to glory: for necessity lieth upon me; for woe to me unless I preach!

17 For if with my will I do this, I have a reward. But if without my will, (yet) a stewardship is confided to me.

18 What, then, is my reward? That while preaching without expenses I may perform the annunciation of the Meshiha, and not abuse the power that is given to me in the gospel.

19 For while free of all men, to all men I subject myself, that the many I may gain.

20 And I become with the Jihudoyee as a Jihudoya, that the Jihudoyee I may gain; and with them who are under the law, I become as one under the law, that them who are under the law I may gain;

21 and to those who have not the law I become as one without law, while I am not unto Aloha without law, but in the law of the Meshiha, that them also who have not law I may gain.

22 I become with the weak as weak, that the weak I may gain. To all men all become I, that every man I may save.

23 But this I do that I may be a participator in the gospel.

24 Know you not, that they who run in the course, run all, but one taketh to him the victory? So run, that you may take hold.

25 For every man who contendeth from every thing (besides with) holdeth his mind; and they who run (do it) that they may receive a crown that is corruptible, but we one that is incorruptible.

26 I therefore so run, not as about a thing unknown; and so smite I, as not smiting the air;

27 but my body I subdue and make subservient, lest when to others I shall have preached, I my very self shall be rejected.