Tito 1

1 PAULOS, a servant of Aloha, and apostle of Jeshu Meshiha, for the faith of the chosen ones of Aloha, and the knowledge of the truth which is in the fear of Aloha;

2 unto the hope of eternal life, which Aloha the true counselled before the times of the ages,

3 and his word hath revealed in his time by our preaching, which was confided to me by the command of Aloha our Saviour:

4 To Titos, my true son in the common faith. Grace and peace from Aloha the Father and from our Lord Jeshu Meshiha our Saviour.

5 For this I left thee in Kreta, that those things which were wanting thou mayest rectify, and constitute presbyters in every city as I commanded thee.

6 Him who is without blame, and is the husband of one wife, and who hath believing children, who are not vicious nor addicted to intemperance.

7 For a presbyter is bound to be without blame, as the steward of Aloha; he shall not be led by the will of self, nor be irascible, nor a transgressor over wine, neither shall his hand be hasty to strike, nor shall he be a lover of sordid gains.

8 But he shall be a lover of guests, and a lover of the good, and be chaste, and equitable, and holy, and withholding himself from lusts;

9 and careful over the doctrine of the word of faith, that he may be able also to comfort by his teaching the healthy, and to reprove those who are contentious.

10 For there are many who are not in subjection, and whose words are vain, and make the minds of men to err, especially those of the circumcision,

11 those, whose mouths it behoves to stop. Many houses they destroy, and teach what they ought not, for the sake of filthy gain.

12 One of them, a prophet of their own, hath said, The sons of Kreta are always liars, evil beasts, and lazy bellies.

13 And true is this testimony. Wherefore reprove them severely, that they may be sound in the faith,

14 nor cast themselves to the fables of the Jihudoyee, and to the mandates of men who hate the truth.

15 For every thing is pure to the pure; but to those who are polluted and unfaithful nothing is pure; but their understanding and their conscience are polluted.

16 And they profess to know Aloha, but in their works they deny him, and are abominable and disobedient, and reprobate to every good work.