2 Timóteo 4

1 I attest thee before Aloha, and our Lord Jeshu Meshiha, who is to judge the living and the dead at the revelation of his kingdom:

2 preach the word, and stand with diligence in season, and (that) which is not season; confute, and rebuke with all prolongedness of mind and doctrine.

3 For the time will come, when sound doctrine they will not hear; but according to their desires will multiply to themselves teachers, in the itching of their hearing.

4 And from the truth they will turn away their ear, but to fables will decline.

5 But watch thou in every thing, and endure evils, and work the work of an evangelist, and thy ministry fulfil.

6 But I am sacrificed, and the time when I shall be dissolved cometh.

7 The good agony I have fought, and my running I have completed, and my faith I have kept.

8 And from now there is kept for me the crown of righteousness, which my Lord will give me in that day, because he is a righteous judge: yet, not only to me, but to all them who love his manifestation.

9 BE careful to come to me speedily;

10 for Dema hath left me, and hath loved this world, and is gone to Thessalonika; Krispos to Galatia, Titos to Dalmatia;

11 Luka only is with me. Take Markos and bring him with thee; for helpful to me is he in the ministry.

12 But Tykikos have I sent to Ephesos.

13 The case (for) books which I left at Troas with Karpos, when thou comest bring, and the books, and especially the roll of parchments.

14 Alexander the brass-worker many evils hath showed me: our Lord awardeth to him according to his deeds.

15 But be thou also aware of him, for he is much uplifted against our words.

16 In the first defence no man was with me, but all of them left me. May this not be reckoned to them!

17 But my Lord stood with me, that by me the preaching might be fulfilled, and (that) all the Gentiles might hear: and I was delivered from the mouth of the lion.

18 And my Lord will deliver me from every evil work, and will save me into his kingdom, which is in heaven. To Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

19 Give salutation to Priskela, and to Akilos, and to the house of Onesiphoros.

20 Erastos remains at Kurinthos; but Trophimos I left ill in Miletos the city.

21 Be careful to come before winter. Ebulos and Pudis, and Linos, and Klaudia, and all the brethren, ask for your peace.

22 Our Lord Jeshu Meshiha be with thy spirit. Grace be with thee. Amen.