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1 PAULOS, the bondman of Jeshu Meshiha, and the brother Timotheos, to the beloved Philemon, our fellow-labourer,

2 and to our beloved Aphia, and to Arkipos our fellowlabourer,1 and to the church which is in thy house.

3 Grace be with thee, and peace, from Aloha our Father, and from our Lord Jeshu Meshiha.

4 I give thanks to Aloha at all time, and remember thee in my prayers.

5 Behold, from (the time) when I heard of thy faith, and the love which thou hast to our Lord Jeshu Meshiha, and to all the saints,

6 (I have prayed) that there may be communication of thy faith (in) yielding fruits, in works and in the (manifestation of the) knowledge of all good which thou hast in Jeshu Meshiha.

7 For we have great joy and consolation, that by thy love the bowels of the saints are refreshed.

8 Wherefore I have great confidence in the Meshiha to command thee those acts which are righteous,

9 but for love's sake entreating I entreat of thee, I, Paulos, who am the aged as thou knowest, but now also the bondman of Jeshu Meshiha.

10 And I entreat of thee for my son, whom I have begotten in my bonds, Onesimos,

11 who once was of no use to thee, but (who will) now to thee, as also to me, be greatly useful;

12 and I have sent him to thee. But thou, as (one) who is my offspring, so receive him.

13 For I would have retained him with me, that he might have served me for thy sake in the bonds of the gospel;

14 but without thy counsel I was not willing to do any thing, that thy goodness might not be as by constraint, but of thy will.

15 But, perhaps, for this he passed away for an hour, that thou mayest hold him for ever;

16 not henceforth as a servant, but as more than a servant, a beloved brother of mine, and how much more of thine, both in the flesh and in our Lord!

17 If then thou art with me a partaker, receive him as mine.

18 And if of any thing he hath deprived thee, or oweth, that reckon unto me.

19 I, Paulos, have written with my hands, I will repay thee; for I will not tell thee that thou owest thyself to me.

20 Yes, my brother, I will be refreshed by thee in our Lord; refresh my bowels in the Meshiha.

21 Because I am confident of thy hearing me, I have written to thee, and I know that more than I have asked thou wilt do.

22 But at once also prepare me a house of lodging, for I hope through your prayers I shall be given to you.

23 Epaphra, a captive with me in Jeshu Meshiha,

24 and Markos, and Aristarkos, and Dema, and Luka, my helpers, ask for your peace.

25 The grace of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha be with your spirit, my brethren. Amen.