Gálatas 2

1 Again, from fourteen years I went up to Urishlem with Bar Naba, and took with me Titos.

2 But I went up by revelation; and I disclosed to them the gospel which I proclaim among the nations; and I showed it to those who were considered to be somewhat between myself and them, lest in vain I had run or should run.

3 Titos also who was with me, who was an Aramoya, was not constrained to be circumcised.

4 But on account of false brethren, who entered upon us that they might espy the liberty which we have in Jeshu Meshiha as that they might bring me into subjection;

5 yet not for the space of an hour did we cast ourselves down to be subject to them; that the truth of the gospel might continue with you.

6 But, they who were considered to be somewhat,---but what they were I care not, for Aloha accepteth not men?s faces,---they themselves added nothing unto me;

7 but otherwise: for seeing that I was intrusted with the gospel of the uncircumcision, as Kipha was intrusted with the circumcision;

8 ---for he who wrought effectually with Kipha for the apostleship of the circumcision, wrought effectually also with me for the apostleship of the Gentiles;

9 ---and knowing the grace which had been given to me, Jakub and Kipha and Juchanon, who were considered to be pillars, the right hand of fellowship gave to me and to Bar Naba, that we (should preach) among the Gentiles, and they among the circumcision:

10 only (requiring) that of the poor we should be mindful; and I have been solicitous to do this same thing.

11 But when Kipha had come to Antiokia, I rebuked him to his face, because they were offended by him.

12 For until certain men came from Jakub, he had eaten with the Gentiles; but when they were come, he withdrew himself and separated, because he was afraid of those who were of the circumcision.

13 And the rest of the Jihudoyee also were thrown with him in this, so that Bar Naba also was led away by their partiality.

14 And when I saw that they were not walking rightly in the truth of the gospel, I said to Kipha in the presence of them all: If thou who art a Jihudoya live as an Aramoya and not Judaically, why forcest thou the Gentiles to live Judaically?

15 If we who by our nature are Jihudoyee, and are not of the Gentile sinners,

16 because we know that man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jeshu Meshiha, also in him, in Jeshu Meshiha, have believed, that from the faith of the Meshiha we may be justified, and not from the works of the law; because from the works of the law shall no flesh be justified:

17 ---If, while we seek to be justified through the Meshiha, we also ourselves are found sinners, is Jeshu Meshiha therefore the minister of sin? It cannot be.

18 For, if those things which I destroyed I build again, I make it manifest of myself that I transgress the commandment.

19 For I by the law to the law am dead, that unto Aloha I may live:

20 and with the Meshiha am I crucified, and from henceforth I live not, but in me liveth Meshiha; and this that I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of Aloha, who loved me and gave himself for me.

21 I do not deny the grace of Aloha; for if righteousness is by the law, the Meshiha died in vain!