Hebreus 12

1 Wherefore we also, having all these witnesses, who as clouds encompass us, will set ourselves loose from every weight, and the sin which at all time is prepared for us, and with perseverance will we run this race which is appointed to us.

2 And let us look unto Jeshu, who hath become the chief and the perfecter of our faith; who, for the joy that was before him, endured the cross, and unto shame delivered himself, and at the right hand of the throne of Aloha hath sat down.

3 Consider, therefore, how much he endured from sinners who were adversaries to themselves, that ye weary not, nor fail in your souls.

4 Not yet have ye come unto blood in the conflict which is against sin.

5 And ye have forgotten the instruction of him who, as unto children, hath said to you, My son, contemn not the discipline of the Lord, and let not thy soul fail when by him thou art corrected:

6 for whom the Lord loveth he chastiseth, and scourgeth those children in whom he taketh pleasure.

7 Endure, therefore, correction, because Aloha acteth towards you as with children: for who is a son whom his father doth not correct?

8 And if ye be without the correction with which every one is corrected, ye are aliens, and not children.

9 And if (when) the fathers of the flesh have chastised us we have revered them, how much more are we bound to be subject to our spiritual fathers, that we may live?

10 For they, during a little time, as they willed, chastised us; but Aloha for our advantage, that we might partake of his holiness.

11 For all chastisement, in its time, is not considered as joy, but as grief; but, in the end, the fruit of peace and righteousness it giveth unto them who with it have been exercised.

12 Wherefore your relaxed hands and your trembling knees make strong;

13 and right ways make for your feet, that the member which is lame may not wander, but be healed.

14 Follow after peace with every man, and after holiness, without which man our Lord seeth not.

15 And be aware lest any one be found among you failing of the grace of Aloha; or lest any root of bitternesses should put forth the flower and injure you, and many be contaminated:

16 or lest there be found among you any fornicator, or dissolute, as Isu, who for one meal sold his birthright.

17 For ye know, also, that afterward he desired to inherit the blessing, but was rejected; for place for repentance he found not, though with tears he sought it.

18 For ye have not drawn nigh to the burning fire, and to that which may be touched, neither to darknesses, to mist, and to tempest,

19 nor to the voice of the trumpet, and the voice of words, which they who heard withdrew (from), that it might not be additionally spoken to them.

20 For they could not endure that which was commanded. For if an animal should approach to the mountain, it was to be stoned:

21 and so terrible was the sight, that Musha said, I fear and tremble

22 But ye have come nigh unto the Mount of Ziun, and to the city of Aloha the Living, to the Urishlem which is in heaven, and to the congregation of myriads of angels,

23 and to the church of the firstborn (ones) who are written in heaven, and to Aloha the Judge of all, and to the spirits of the just who are perfected,

24 and to Jeshu the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the sprinkling of his blood, which speaketh better than that of Habel.

25 Beware, therefore, lest ye be averse from Him who hath spoken with you; for if they escaped not who were averse from one who spake with them on earth, how much less we, if we withdraw from one who hath spoken to us from heaven?

26 Him whose voice moved the earth? But now hath he promised and said, Yet once I will move not only earth, but also heaven.

27 But that which he hath said, ONCE, showeth the (final) changing of these which are moved, because they are made, that those may remain which are immutable.

28 Therefore because we have received the kingdom which is immoveable, let us hold the grace by which we may serve and please Aloha with reverence and with fear:

29 for our God is a devouring fire.