Marcos 6

1 AND Jeshu went forth from thence, and came to his city; and his disciples adhered to him.

2 And when it was shabath, he began to teach in the house of the congregation: and many who heard wondered, and said, Whence to him are these? and what is this wisdom which hath been given him, that miracles such as these by his hands should be done?

3 Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mariam, and the brother of Jacub, and of Josi, and of Jehuda, and of Shemun? and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended with him.

4 And Jeshu said to them, No prophet is despised, unless in his own city, and among his kinsfolk, and in his own house.

5 And he could not do there any miracle, except that upon a few sick he laid his hands, and healed them

6 And he wondered at the defectiveness of their faith. AND he itinerated through the villages, teaching.

7 And he called his twelve, and began to send them two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits to cast them out.

8 And he instructed them to take nothing for the journey, except a staff only; not a wallet, nor bread, nor brass in their purses;

9 but be shod with sandals, and not to be clothed with two tunics.

10 And he said to them, Into whatsoever house you enter, there be until you go forth from thence.

11 And every one who will not receive you, nor hear you, when you are going out from thence, beat off the dust that is beneath your feet for their testimony. And Amen I say to you, That it shall be more tolerable for Sadum and for Amura in the day of the judgment, than for that city.

12 And they went forth, and preached that they should repent.

13 And many devils they cast out, and anointed with oil the sick, and healed many.

14 AND Herodes the king heard concerning Jeshu, for his name had become known; and he said, Juchanon the Baptizer hath risen from among the dead; therefore works of power are wrought by him.

15 Others said, He is Elia; and others, A prophet as one from the prophets.

16 But when Herodes heard, he said, It is Juchanon whom I beheaded; he hath risen from among the dead.

17 For Herodes had sent and had taken Juchanon, and had cast him into the house of the bound, on account of Herodia, wife of Philipos his brother, whom he had taken.

18 For Juchanon had said to Herodes, It is not lawful to thee to take the wife of thy brother.

19 But Herodia herself was adverse to him, and wished to kill him, but she could not.

20 For Herodes feared Juchanon, because he knew that he was a man righteous and holy, and he protected him, and was many (times) hearing him, doing, and hearing him favourably.

21 And there was a notable day when Herodes, in the house of his nativity, (b'beth yaldeh,) made a feast to his chiefs and kiliarchs and the heads of Galila;

22 and the daughter of Herodia came in (and) danced; and she pleased Herodes and them who reclined with him. And the king said to the damsel, Ask of me whatever thou wilt, and I will give to thee.

23 And he sware to her, Whatever thou shalt ask (of) me, I will give thee, unto the dividing of my kingdom.

24 Then went she out and said to her mother, What shall I ask of him? She saith to her, The head of Juchanon the Baptizer.

25 And immediately she entered with solicitude unto the king, and saith to him, I will this hour that thou give me, upon a dish, the head of Juchanon the Baptizer.

26 And greatly grieved was the king; but, for the sake of the oath, and the sake of the guests, he could not deprive her.

27 But the king despatched at once a sentinel, and commanded that he should bring the head of Juchanon. And he went and cut off the head of Juchanon in the house of the bound,

28 and brought (it) in a dish and gave to the damsel, and the damsel herself gave to her mother.

29 And his disciples heard and went, took up his corpse, and laid it in the place of the buried.

30 AND the disciples gathered unto Jeshu, and told him all whatever they had done, and whatever they had taught.

31 And he said to them, Come and let us go into the desert alone, and rest a little while; for there were multitudes going and coming, (so that) they had not space even to eat;

32 and they went to a wilderness district in a vessel by themselves.

33 And many saw them as they went, and knew them; and into the waste ran they from all the cities, and were there before him.

34 And Jeshu coming forth beheld the great assemblies, and had compassion upon them, they being like sheep which had no shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.

35 And when much time had passed, the disciples came to him and said to him, This place is waste, and the time is great;

36 send them away to go to the farms around us and into the villages, and buy for themselves bread, for they have nothing to eat.

37 But he said to them, Give you them to eat. They said to him, Shall we go and buy bread for two hundred dinoreen, and give them to eat?

38 But he said, Go see how many loaves you have here; and when they had seen, they said to him, Five loaves and two fishes.

39 And he directed that they should make them all recline in companies upon the herbage;

40 and they reclined in companies, by hundreds and by fifties.

41 And he took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looked up to heaven, and blessed, and brake the bread, and gave to his disciples to set before them: and those two fishes they divided among them all,

42 and they all did eat and were satisfied.

43 And they took up the broken pieces, twelve baskets full, and from the fishes.

44 Now they who had eaten bread were five thousand men.

45 And immediately he constrained his disciples to ascend into the bark, and to go before him across to Beth-tsaida, while he dismissed the assemblies;

46 and when he had sent them away, he went to a mountain to pray.

47 BUT when it was eventide, the bark was in the midst of the sea, and himself alone upon the land.

48 And he saw them that they were distressed with rowing; for the wind was against them. And in the fourth watch of the night Jeshu came to them walking upon the waters, (as though) he willed to pass by them:

49 but they beheld him walking upon the waters, and thought it was a spectre, and they cried out;

50 for all saw him and were afraid. But he immediately spoke to them and said to them, Take heart, I am, fear not.

51 And he ascended to them into the ship, and the wind was still: and they wondered greatly, and were astonished among themselves.

52 For they understood not from that bread, because their heart was gross.

53 And when they had crossed over, they came to the land of Genesar.

54 And when they had gone forth from the bark, the men of the place at once recognised him.

55 And they ran throughout all that land, and began to bring those who were greatly afflicted, bearing them on couchettes, to where they heard that he was.

56 And wherever he entered, into villages and cities, they placed the sick in the streets, and besought from him that they might touch only the edge of his mantle; and all they who touched him were healed.