Arca da Aliança

And the temple of Aloha was opened in heaven; and there was seen the ark of his covenant in his temple. And there were lightnings, and thunderings, and voices, and movement, and great hail.

Apocalipse 11:19

1 But in the first there were ordinances of ministry, and a worldly sanctuary.

2 For in the first tabernacle that was made there were the candelabrum, and the table, and the presencebread; and this was called the Holy place.

3 But the interior tabernacle, that was within the second veil, was called the Holy of Holies:

4 in it were the incense-vessel of gold, and the ark of the covenant, which was altogether covered with gold; and within it were the golden urn, in which was the manna, and the rod of Aharun that budded, and the tablets of the covenant:

5 and above this the cherubim of glory overshadowing the mercy-seat. But time there is not to speak upon every one of these which were thus ordained.

Hebreus 9:1-5