A Comunhão

I in them, and thou in me, that they may be perfected in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and that thou hast loved them, as me also thou hast loved.

João 17:23

44 And all those who believed were together, and every thing they had was in common.

45 And they who had property sold it, and divided to each according to that which he needed.

46 And every day they continued in the temple with one soul, and in the house they brake the bread, and took their food rejoicing and in the cleanness of their hearts,

47 praising Aloha, (and) given (to be) in favour before all the people. And our Lord added daily them who were saved into the church.

Atos 2:44-47

And bear the burden of one another, and so fulfil the law of the Meshiha.

Gálatas 6:2

A new commandment give I to you, that you should love one another; as I have loved you, so do you also love one another.

By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if love be in you one for another.

João 13:34,35

And what we have seen and heard, we make known also to you, that you may have communion with us; and our communion is with the Father, and with his Son Jeshu the Meshiha.

1 João 1:3

Wherefore comfort one another, and edify one another, as also you do.

1 Tessalonicenses 5:11

that thereby you may be established, and that together we may be comforted by your faith and mine.

Romanos 1:12

And let us not forsake our congregation, as is the custom with some; but pray one with another; (and) so much the more as ye see that day to be approaching.

Hebreus 10:25

In this we know His love toward us, that he gave himself for us; (so) also it is right for us for the sake of our brethren to give ourselves.

1 João 3:16

Now, therefore, while the time is ours, let us do good unto every man, and especially to the sons of the house of the faith.

Gálatas 6:10