And what you think of yourselves, (that) also think of your brethren; nor think with a high mind, but incline to them who are humble; and be not wise in the conceit of your own mind.

Romanos 12:16

But I have not spoken because I have had need; for I have learned to make sufficient to me that which I have had.

Filipenses 4:11

I am the vine, and you the branches. Whoso abideth in me, and I in him, this produceth much fruits, because without me you cannot do any thing.

João 15:5

Be not therefore anxious for to-morrow; the morrow shall care for its own: the evil of to-day is enough for it.

Mateus 6:34

and they who are in the flesh cannot please Aloha.

Romanos 8:8

For as in one body we have many members, and as all the members have not one work,

so also we who are many are one body in the Meshiha; but we are each of us members one of another.

Romanos 12:4,5