Filho de Deus

But he, Jeshu, said to them, My Father until now worketh, I also work.

But on this account the more sought the Jihudoyee to kill him, not only because he had loosed the shabath, but also that of Aloha he had said that he was his Father, and had made himself equal with Aloha.

João 5:17,18

and with the Meshiha am I crucified, and from henceforth I live not, but in me liveth Meshiha; and this that I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of Aloha, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Gálatas 2:20

Every one who apprehendeth the Son, apprehendeth also life; and every one who apprehendeth not the Son of Aloha, hath not life.

1 João 5:12

In this was made known the love of Aloha towards us, that Aloha sent his only Son into the world that we might live by him.

In this is love: it was not that we had loved Aloha, but that Aloha himself loved us, and sent his Son a propitiation for our sins.

1 João 4:9,10

who himself is the resplendence of his glory, and the image of his Being, and upholdeth all (things) by the power of his word; and he, in his (own) person, hath made purification of sins, and hath sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high .

And this (person) is altogether more excellent than the angels, by so much as the name he hath inherited (is) more excellent than theirs.

Hebreus 1:3,4

For so loved Aloha the world, as his Son, the Only-begotten, he would give, that every one who believeth in him might not perish, but have the life which is eternal.

João 3:16

Whosoever confesseth Jeshu that he is the Son of Aloha, in him Aloha abideth, and he abideth in Aloha.

1 João 4:15

13 NOW when Jeshu had come to the place of Cesarea of Philipos, he questioned his disciples, saying, What do men say concerning me who am the Son of man?

14 They said to him, Some say that thou art Juchanon the Baptizer, but others Elia, and others Eramia, or one from the prophets.

15 He saith to them, But you, whom say you that I am?

16 Shemun Kipha answered and said, Thou art the Meshicha, Son of Aloha the Living.

Mateus 16:13-16

21 For as the Father raiseth the dead, and quickeneth, so also the Son quickeneth those whom he willeth.

22 For the Father judgeth no man, but all judgment he hath given to the Son;

23 that all men should honour the Son, as they honour the Father. He who honoureth not the Son, honoureth not the Father who sent him.

João 5:21-23

4 But when the fulness of the time had come, Aloha sent his Son, and made from a woman, and made under the law,

5 that them who were under the law he might redeem, and we might receive the constitution of sons.

6 And because you are sons, Aloha hath sent the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, who crieth, Father, our Father.

Gálatas 4:4-6

And the Word flesh was made, and tabernacled with us; and we saw his glory, the glory as of the one-begotten who (was) from the Father, full of grace and truth.

João 1:14

But when Jeshu was baptized, he immediately ascended from the waters; and the heaven was opened unto him; and he saw the Spirit of Aloha, who descended, like the dove, and came upon him.

And, lo, the voice from heaven, which said, This (is) my Son, the Beloved, in whom I have delighted.

Mateus 3:16,17

Amen, amen, I say to you, That the hour cometh and also now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of Aloha; and they who hear shall live

For as the Father hath life in his person, so hath he given also to the Son to have life in his person,

João 5:25,26

ALOHA no man hath ever seen: the one-begotten God, he who is in the bosom of his Father, he hath declared him.

João 1:18

And he who doeth sin is of Satana, because that from the commencement Satana was a sinner. And for this cause did the Son of Aloha appear, that he might destroy the works of Satana.

1 João 3:8

But they who received him, he gave to them power, that the sons of Aloha they should become, to those who believe in his name.

These, not from blood, nor from the will of the flesh, nor from the will of man, but from Aloha, are born.

João 1:12,13

For if, while we were adversaries, Aloha was reconciled with us through the death of his Son, how much more, then, in reconciliation with him, shall we be saved by his life?

Romanos 5:10