1 But the Spirit distinctly saith, that in the last times some will remove from the faith, and will go after deceiving spirits, and after doctrines of demons.

2 These, with a false appearance, will deceive, speaking a lie, and seared in their conscience,

3 and prohibiting to marry, and abstaining from meats, which Aloha created to be used with thanksgiving by them who believe and know the truth;

1 Timóteo 4:1-3

You are from your father the accuser, and the desires of your father you are willing to do. He from the beginning was the killer of men, and in the truth he stood not; therefore the truth is not in him. And when he speaketh a lie, of his own he speaketh, because of falsity he is also the father.

João 8:44

and lie not one to another, but put off the old man with all his manners,

and wear the new, who is renovated by knowledge in the image of his Creator,

Colossenses 3:9,10

But if you have bitter envy among yourselves, or contention be in your hearts, be not inflated against the truth, nor lie;

Tiago 3:14

WHEREFORE let lying cease from you, and speak the truth every man with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.

Efésios 4:25

Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and fornicators, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one who loveth and maketh a lie.

Apocalipse 22:15