Tiago 3

1 LET there not be many teachers among you, my brethren, but know that a greater condemnation we incur.

2 For (in) many we all offend. Every one who in word offendeth not, this is a perfect man, who is able to make subject also all his body.

3 For, behold, bridles into the mouth of horses we throw that we may make them submissive to us, and their whole body we turn.

4 Also the mighty ships, while the furious winds drive them, by a little wood are turned about to the region which the will of him who guideth doth contemplate.

5 So also the tongue is a small member, and uplifteth itself. A little fire also burneth many forests;

6 and the tongue is a fire, a world of sin, like a forest is the tongue itself among our members; it defileth all of our body, and burneth the course of our generations which run (forward) as a wheel, and kindleth also itself with fire.

7 For every nature of animals, and of birds, and reptiles of the sea, and of the dry land, have been subjected to the human nature;

8 but the tongue no one can subdue; this is an evil not ordered, (and) full of the poison of death.

9 For by it we bless the Lord and the Father, and by it we curse men who in the likeness of Aloha were made;

10 and from the same mouth go forth curses and blessings. My brethren, it is not fit that these should so be done.

11 Can it be that one fountain shall send forth waters sweet and bitter?

12 Or can the fig-tree, my brethren, make olives, or the vines figs? thus also salt waters cannot be made sweet.

13 Who of you is wise and instructed? let him show his works in good conversations in meek wisdom.

14 But if you have bitter envy among yourselves, or contention be in your hearts, be not inflated against the truth, nor lie;

15 because this wisdom from above descendeth not; but is earthly, from the reasonings of the soul, and from demons.

16 For where there are envy and contention, there also are tumult and every thing that is evil.

17 But the wisdom that is from above is pure, and full of peace, and meekness, and obedience, and full of mercies and good fruits, and is without division, and faces accepteth not.

18 But the fruits of righteousness in quietness are sown by them who make peace.