All the day he feeleth a great longing; but the righteous giveth and withholdeth not.

Provérbios 21:26

BOOK SECOND: To the chief musician, a Maskil, for the sons of Korach. As a hart panteth after brooks of water, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

Salmos 42:1

A covenant had I made with my eyes: how then should I fix my look on a virgin?

Jó 31:1

Yea, on the path of thy judgments, O Lord, have we waited for thee; for thy name, and for the remembrance of thee, was the longing of our soul.

Isaías 26:8

Can a man walk along upon hot coals, and shall his feet not be burnt?

Provérbios 6:28

When thou lettest merely thy eyes fly over it, it is no more: for it will ever make itself wings: like an eagle will it fly toward heaven.

Provérbios 23:5