Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart: thou shalt indeed rebuke thy neighbor, and not bear sin on account of him.

Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people; but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the Lord.

Levítico 19:17,18

A soft answer turneth away fury; but a mortifying word stirreth up anger.

Provérbios 15:1

Like the droppings of honey are pleasant sayings, sweet to the soul, and healing to the bones.

Provérbios 16:24

Thus hath said the Lord of hosts, saying, Execute true justice, and show kindness and mercy every man to his brother;

And defraud not the widow, or the fatherless, the stranger, or the poor; and imagine not evil in your heart one against the other.

Zacarias 7:9,10