The rich man’s wealth is his strong town, and as a towering wall in his own conceit.

Provérbios 18:11

Better is little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure and confusion therewith.

Provérbios 15:16

He that loveth money will never be satisfied with money; nor he that loveth abundance, with any increase. Also this is vanity.

Eclesiastes 5:10

Vanity and lying words do thou remove far from me: neither poverty nor riches give thou unto me; let me eat the bread appointed unto me:

Provérbios 30:8

Wealth cannot profit on the day of wrath; but righteousness deliver from death.

Provérbios 11:4

A good name is preferable to abundant riches, and good grace, to silver and to gold.

Provérbios 22:1

How much better is it to obtain wisdom than gold! and to obtain understanding is preferable to silver!

Provérbios 16:16

When thou lettest merely thy eyes fly over it, it is no more: for it will ever make itself wings: like an eagle will it fly toward heaven.

Provérbios 23:5

All the day he feeleth a great longing; but the righteous giveth and withholdeth not.

Provérbios 21:26

As he came forth out of his mother’s womb, naked will he return to go as he came; and not the least will he carry off for his toil, which he might take away with him.

Eclesiastes 5:15