1 Crônicas 29

1 Then said David the king unto all the convocation, Solomon my son, the one, of whom God hath made choice, is young and tender,and, the work, is great, seeing that, not for man, is the palace, but for Yahweh Elohim.

2 And, with all my might, have I made preparation for the house of my God, the gold for the gold, and the silver for the silver, and the bronze for the bronze, the iron for the iron, and the wood for the wood,and beryl stones and settings, stones coloured and particoloured, and all manner of precious stones and stones of white marble, in abundance.

3 And yet further, because of my delighting in the house of my God, having a treasure of mine own in gold and silver, I have given for the house of my God, above and beyond all that I have prepared for the holy house:

4 three thousand talents of gold, of the gold of Ophir,and seven thousand talents of refined silver, for overlaying the walls of the recesses.

5 Of gold for the gold, and of silver for the silver, and for all manner of work in the hand of artificers,Who then is ready to offer willingly, by filling his hand to-day, unto Yahweh?

6 Then offered they willinglythe ancestral rulers and the rulers of the tribes of Israel, and the rulers of thousands and hundreds, even to the rulers of the work of the king;

7 and gave for the service of the house of God, of gold, five thousand talents and ten thousand drams, and, of silver, ten thousand talents, and, of bronze, eighteen thousand talents,and, of iron, one hundred thousand talents.

8 And, every one with whom were found precious stones, gave to the treasure of the house of Yahweh,unto the hand of Jehiel the Gershonite.

9 So the people rejoiced because they willingly offered, for, with a perfect heart, offered they willingly unto Yahweh,moreover also, David the king, rejoiced with great joy.

10 Therefore did David bless Yahweh in the eyes of all the convocation,and David said, Blessed art thou, O Yahweh, the God of Israel our father, from age even unto age.

11 Thine, O Yahweh, are Greatness, and Might, and Beauty, and Victory, and Majesty, nay! all in the heavens and in the earth,thine, O Yahweh, is the kingdom, who art exalted above all,as chief;

12 and, riches and honour, are from before thee, and, thou, art ruling over all, and, in thy hand, are power and might,and, in thy hand, it is, to give greatness and strength unto any.

13 Now, therefore, O our God, we are giving thanks unto thee,and offering praise, unto thy beautiful Name.

14 And yet, who am, I, and who are my people, that we should be able to offer willingly like this? for, from thee, is the whole, and, out of thine own hand, have we given unto thee;

15 for, sojourners, are we before thee, and strangers, like all our fathers,like a shadow, are our days upon the earth, and there is no hope.

16 O Yahweh our God, all this abundance which we have prepared, to build thee a house for thy holy Name, out of thine own hand, it is, and, thine, is the whole.

17 But I know, O my God, that, thou, art proving the heart, and, with uprightness, wilt thou be pleased,I, in the uprightness of my heart, have willingly offered all these things, now, therefore, thy people who are found here, have I seen with joy, offering willingly unto thee.

18 O Yahweh, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, our fathers, oh guard this age-abidingly, as the devised purpose of the heart of thy people,and establish thou their heart, unto thyself.

19 Also, unto Solomon my son, give thou an undivided heart, to keep thy commandments, thy testimonies, and thy statutes,to do the whole, and to build the palace for which I have prepared.

20 Then said David, unto all the convocation, Bless, I beseech you, Yahweh your God. So all the convocation blessed Yahweh, the God of their fathers, and did bend their heads and bow themselves down unto Yahweh, and unto the king;

21 and sacrificed unto Yahweh sacrifices, and caused to go up ascending-offerings unto Yahweh, on the morrow of that day, a thousand bullocks, a thousand rams, a thousand young sheep, and the drink-offerings thereof,and sacrifices in abundance, for all Israel.

22 And so they did eat and drink before Yahweh on that day, with great joy,and they, the second time, made Solomon son of David king, and anointed him unto Yahweh to be chief ruler, and Zadok to be priest.

23 So Solomon took his seat upon the throne of Yahweh, as king, instead of David his father, and prospered,and all Israel, hearkened unto him.

24 And, all the rulers, and the heroes, yea moreover all the sons of King David, gave a hand, under Solomon the king.

25 And Yahweh magnified Solomon, exceedingly, before the eyes of all Israel,and gave unto him a royal majesty, that had not been on any king before him, over Israel.

26 Thus, David son of Jesse, reigned over all Israel;

27 and, the days that he reigned over Israel, were forty years,in Hebron reigned he seven years, and in Jerusalem, reigned he, thirty-three.

28 And he died in a good old age, satisfied with days, riches and honour,and Solomon his son reigned in his stead.

29 Now, the acts of David the king, first and last, behold them! written in the records of Samuel the seer, and in the records of Nathan the prophet, and in the records of Gad the seer:

30 with all his reign, and his might,and the times which passed over him, and over Israel, and over all the kingdoms of the lands.