2 Tessalonicenses 3

1 For the rest, brethren, be praying for us,that, the word of the Lord, may be running, and gaining glory, according as even with you;

2 And that we may be rescued from the presuming and wicked men; for, not all, hold the faith.

3 Faithful, is the Lord,who will confirm you, and guard you from the wicked one:

4 We are persuaded, however, in the Lord, as touching you,that, what things we give in charge, Ye both are doing and will do;

5 But may, the Lord, guide your hearts into the love of God, and into the endurance of the Christ.

6 Howbeit, we charge you, brethren,that, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, ye be withdrawing yourselves from every brotherwho, in a disorderly way, doth walk, and not according to the instruction which ye received from us.

7 For, ye yourselves, know, how needful it is to be imitating us, in that we were not disorderly among you,

8 Nor, as a free-gift, did eat, bread, from anyone, but, with toil and hardship, night and day, working,that we might not burden any of you;

9 Not because we have not authority, but that, ourselves, as an ensample, we might hold forth unto you,to the end ye might he imitating us.

10 For, even when we were with you, this, were we giving in charge unto you,that, if any will not work, neither let him eat!

11 We hear, in fact, of some who are walking among you in a disorderly way, at nothing, working, yet too busily working!

12 Now, such as these, we charge and exhort in the Lord Jesus Christ,that, with quietness, working, their own bread, they be eating.

13 But, ye, brethren, be not weary in well-doing;

14 And, if anyone be not giving ear unto our word through means of this letter, on this one, set a marknot to be mixing yourselves up with him,that he may be reproved;

15 And, not as an enemy, be esteeming him, but be admonishing him, as a brother.

16 But may, the Lord of peace himself, give you peace, always, in every way. The Lord, be with you all.

17 The salutation of Paulwith my own hand, which is a sign in every letter: thus, I write.

18 The favour of our Lord Jesus Christ, be with you all.