Colossenses 3

1 If, therefore, ye have been raised together with the Christ, the things on high, be seeking, where, the Christ, ison the right hand of God, sitting;

2 The things on high, hold in esteem, not the things upon the earth:

3 For ye have died, and, your life, is hid, together with the Christ, in God,

4 As soon as, the Christ, shall be made manifestour life, then, ye also, together with him, shall be made manifest in glory;

5 Make dead, therefore, your members that are on the earthas regardeth fornication, impurity, passion, base coveting, and greed, the which, is idolatry,

6 On account of which things cometh the anger of God,

7 Wherein, ye also, walked, at one time, when ye were living in these things;

8 But, now, do, ye also, put them all away,anger, wrath, baseness, defamation, shameful talk out of your mouth:

9 Be not guilty of falsehood one to another: having stript off the old man, together with his practices,

10 And having put on the newwho is being moulded afresh unto personal knowledge, after the image of him that hath created him,

11 Wherein there cannot be Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, foreigner, Scythian, bond, free,but, all things and in all, Christ:

12 Put on, therefore, as men chosen of God, holy and beloved, tender affections of compassion, graciousness, lowliness of mind, meekness, long-suffering,

13 Bearing one with another, and in favour forgiving one anotherif any, against any, have a complaint,according as, the Lord, in favour forgave you, so also ye;

14 And, over all these things, love, which is a uniting-bond of completeness;

15 And let, the peace of Christ, act as umpire in your hearts, unto which ye have been called in one body, and be thankful:

16 Let, the word of the Christ, dwell within you richly,in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another, with psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, with gratitude, raising song with your hearts unto God:

17 And whatsoever ye may be doing, in word, or in work, all things,

18 Ye wives! be submitting yourselves unto your husbands, as is becoming in the Lord;

19 Ye husbands! be loving your wives, and be not embittered against them;

20 Ye children! be obedient unto your parents in all things, for, this, is, well pleasing, in the Lord;

21 Ye fathers! be not irritating your children, lest they be disheartened;

22 Ye servants! be obedient, in all things, unto them who, according to the flesh, are your masters,not with eye-service, as man-pleasers, but with singleness of heart, revering the Lord,

23 Whatsoever ye may be doing, from the soul, be working at it, as unto the Lord, and not unto men,-

24 Knowing that, from the Lord, ye shall duly receive the recompense of the inheritance,unto the Lord Christ, are ye in service;

25 For, he that acteth unrighteously, shall get back what he had unrighteously done, and there is no respect of persons;