Jó 10

1 My soul doth loathe my life,I let loose my complaint, I speak, in the bitterness of my soul.

2 I say unto GOD, Do not hold me guilty, Let me know, on what account thou contendest with me!

3 Is it seemly in thee, that thou shouldst oppress? that thou shouldst despise the labour of thine own hand, when, upon the counsel of the lawless, thou hast shone?

4 Eyes of flesh, hast thou? or, as a mortal seeth, seest thou?

5 As the days of a mortal, are thy days? or, thy years, as the days of a man?

6 That thou shouldst seek for mine iniquity, and, for my sin, shouldst make search:

7 Though it is, within thine own knowledge, that I would not be lawless, and, none, out of thy hand, can deliver?

8 Thine own hands, shaped me, and made me, all in unison round about, and yet thou hast confounded me.

9 Remember, I pray thee, that, as clay, thou didst make me, and, unto dust, thou wilt cause me to return.

10 Didst thou not, like milk, pour me forth? and, as cheese, curdle me?

11 With skin and flesh, clothe me? and, with bones and sinews, interweave me?

12 Life and lovingkindness, thou didst bestow upon me,and, thy watchful care, preserved my breath.

13 Yet, these things, thou didst hide in thy heart, I know that, this, hath been with thee!

14 If I have sinned, then couldst thou watch me, and, from mine iniquity, thou wouldst not acquit me:

15 If I have been lawless, alas for me! Or, if I am righteous, I will not lift up my head, Surfeited with shame, look thou then on my humiliation.

16 When it is lifted up, like a howling lion, thou dost hunt me, Then again thou dost shew thyself marvellous against me.

17 Thou renewest thy witnesses before me, and dost increase thy vexation with me, Relaysyea an army, is with me.

18 Wherefore then, from the womb, didst thou bring me forth? I might have breathed my last, and, no eye, have seen me.

19 As though I had not been, should I have become,from the womb to the grave, might I have been borne.

20 Are not my days, few?then forbear, and set me aside, that I may brighten up for a little;

21 Before I go, and not return, unto a land of darkness and death-shade:

22 A land of obscurity, like thick darkness, of death-shade and disorder, and which shineth like thick darkness.